Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution review

Yu-Gi-Oh! Who hasn’t heard of this iconic anime based on one of the most popular card games in the world. Gamers have grown up woth Yugi Moto, Joey wheeler and Seto Kaiba and now with thousands of cards and hundreds of episodes later we finally have what should be the ultimate compilation card game on the Switch.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist is a monster duel simulator with more than 7,000 cards, a story mode with the first four sagas of the anime: Duel Monsters, GX, 5Ds and Zexal, in addition to 90 characters from the most important of the aforementioned story arcs , it is also worth mentioning that it has two of the protagonists of the recent Arc-V (Yuya and Gong) and content from the serie Vrains as well as a number of pendulum cards in its catalog. Taking into account that this game has all the DLC of the original game you know that you get bang for your buck.

Legacy of the Duelist is a title simple enough visually not to confuse the old fans of the card game and at the same time complex enough to attract those who today follow the news that the Konami franchise brings, which, since the dawn of the pendulum cards, has changed both its goal game since the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Which today can easily be considered as different games.

On a visual level it is appreciated to be able to see those thousands of cards in high resolution, the designs of the cards have always been fantastic but until now there was no possibility of officially having duels in such detail, the closest in quantity of letters was offered by Yu- Gi-Oh! Tag Force Arc-V for PSP, a game that was near perfect but sadly never left Japan. As for the graphic section there is very little to say, beyond a dozen monsters with 3D animations there is nothing remarkable to be found here.

The duelist avatars have been made in the same style as the art style of the Tag Force Saga, which are excellent and capture the variety of the picturesque characters that parade throughout the series. Other then that the art style of the background might come over as being repetitive, you don’t buy the game to see backgrounds, but it is a small minus point to be had.

The game offers different game modes to further strenghten the game and there are multiple difficulty settings for the more experienced players among us, especially to assemble more complex decks and test them against certain archetypes of specific cards. As for the campaign mode, it brings together the first 4 sagas of the anime that make up: Duel Monsters, GX, 5Ds and Zexal, to revive many of the most transcendent duels of each saga and it should be noted that they allow you to play with both contestants of them with their respective decks in these historical moments of the anime, which allows each duel to have two totally different facets and can also be appreciated every time the mastery of the meta game managers is advanced to proportionally raise the difficulty, this is how in Yugioh Zexal substantially increases the complexity of duels compared to GX for example.

Challenge is the post campaign facet offered by Legacy of the Duelist, a way that substantially increases the difficulty by granting alternate decks to the characters we could see throughout the story, causing for example Seto Kaiba to have Synchro monsters or Zane Trusdale using X Y Z cards. This mode also presents the most challenging duels at the hands of AI in any Yugioh game to date, with such complex archetypes as Shadolls or Nekroz and that will serve to plan strategies against many of the decks most present in the current meta game.

The title also has a card store that works with the already classic Duel Points (DP), as it is a constant in the game series, it allows you to buy different envelopes with all kinds of archetypes and it has 265 different cards to be found, with each envelop only containing 8 each. Which resorts in a lot of pulls to get your favorite Egyptian God card.

As for the money or the DP this will not be scarce at any time and the possibility of using prohibited cards in offline duels allows you to search easily and thus be able to access more and better decks in a short period of time. As for the editor of Decks it is not as intuitive as those of titles such as Tag Force or World Championship but it ends up becoming a simple way to navigate through the seas of cards available in the game.

The online section is where the greatest flaw of the title is found, with a rather poor performance, lack of possibilities and servers that constantly give problems, the game also considerably lowers its performance in these games and slows down until it is twice as slow in all duels without exception, this can be frustrating because sometimes the contests can get too long and if you face archetypes like Ghostrick you may prefer to give up before spending 40 turns at half the speed of normal play. It also fails at the fact that there is no penalty for disconnecting from the games and in turn whoever was winning does not receive any reward, an aspect that is minimized before the good community of the title that rarely use the classic “pull the cable ”to avoid losing. Let’s just hope that this will all be patched out so that quitters get what they deserve and stability of the servers increases.

The game can easily offer a hundred hours for those who wish to get all the available cards, it also has multiple challenges and the variety of cards allow you to experience more than in any of the games of this franchise, with a resolution in the cards far superior to your closest contender, Tag Force Arc-V for PSP, in addition to the online section despite being well below its possibilities allows clashes with duelists around the world. It is worth mentioning that it is designed for the followers of Yu-Gi-Oh! It would seem obvious to mention it, however, there are many anime games that serve to introduce new to these franchises, but this is not the case, if you do not know the game, its anime or mechanics it is hardly advisable to buy this title.

The ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh! game for fans and active players, it sadly does need work with the online portion of the game and newcomers will have a more hard time to get up to date with everything.


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