Whipseey and the Lost Atlas

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas gives you a young boy transported into a strange world and transformed into a pink ball reminiscent of a well-known Nintendo hero (Kirby). The game is an action platformer, a sort of crossover between the gameplay of the early Castlevania and the colorful world of a Kirby, with the promise of twirling gameplay and fantastic boss-fights. Quite a promising game it seems!

The first minutes on Whipseey are quite pleasant and directing this little pink guy with his whip makes for a very nostalgic feel of old and in the first screens alone it gives you enough to know that this game is reminiscent to games of the 90s. The title also makes us understand that it will not be easy and the colorful aesthetic and cute graphics are just a decoy. We are clearly facing a game like Castlevania with millimeter jumps and demanding timing, but also one that borrowed the cute aesthetics of the joly platformer Kirby in a 16-bit era artstyle.

Durign the first levels, you will learn all of the games mechanics: the jump, the whip attack and swinging from points you can attach your whip with. There are also power-ups and unlockable abilities, we were quite happy with what we had in our hands. That is, untill we finished it under an hour.

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas suffers from many problems starting with imprecise collisions. We can cope with it when it comes to confronting enemies, or even having fun when we see them walking in a vacuum when they are supposed to go around a platform, we will irritate ourselves much more when it comes to chaining the points of hooks and seeing our whip pass through. Boss battles are also spoiled by these random collisions, although that will not really stop you from getting through them quickly. Worse still, these seem to become more and more easy to defeat, a shame for a game that claims that it has Castlevania roots.

The game can not be called bad by itself, being a patchwork of level-design ideas taken from the jewels of the genre. Walking in sets reminiscent of Mr. Driller, Castle of Illusion or Kirby will necessarily make us smile at times, but we will quickly realize that the original games did things much better. The height will certainly be your arrival at the end level, which is neither more nor less than a bad Bowser Castle (as much in the skin as in the enemies crossed) who pale face to face, at random, at the crossed levels in Mario Maker 2. Even if Whipseey and The Lost Atlas is only sold for $ 5.99, it clearly deserves better.

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas is not a game we can truly advice for you. With its ridiculous short lifespan, random quality graphics, collision bugs and above all, its price is far too high, you will not miss anything by going your way. If you see it on sale for a day around 1 € and you are (really) lacking a demanding platformer, it will always be good to be interested. But at 13 cents a minute and with his whip, Whipseey is closer to the pink phone than the plump hero of the same color.

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas is a nice look back at classics of the 90’s, but sadly all of those classics were of higher or longer value.


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