Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times

Lead your group of brave warriors through the dungeons of the Warhammer universe. Use swords, arrows of fire and cast spells to fight the inhabitants of Chaos. Success in combat is rewarded with new weapons, armor, skills and treasures. Be on your guard when you travel across the boiling world. The road is dangerous for the carefree traveler, but rich in rewards for the suspicious hero.

Explore three regions, each with its own sets of enemies, objectives, and multi-part campaign quests. Visit the cities to barter in the markets, discover new quests and improve your warriors to acquire new skills and game possibilities. The paths between the dungeons are dotted with events and opportunities to improve your chances of victory in the next turn-based battle!

For our part, the history of the game has managed to keep us hooked from start to finish, a three-eyed king has assembled an army to attack the world and all its inhabitants and cause an apocalypse. Captain Marcus Hammerfall of the Empire and a dark elf witch named Meharva Darkshade will succeed in concluding a fragile alliance to search for the mass of Helsturm, a powerful artifact that could rock the battle against the king and his army of chaos.

Together, they enter the ruins under Altdorf in their quest. The quest in the main scenario takes you to a different city, you will have to choose and equip your group. One hit complete the quests, you gain experience for the heroes who take part in it, as well as loot and gold. Each city offers the opportunity to upgrade your team on the training grounds, buy and sell loot at the market and recruit new companions at the tavern.

The fans of turn-based role-playing games will have no problem finding their way in this world, ditto for new players, the game knows how to explain and it is played as if by magic. While the game brings nothing new to the strategy genre, it does the job perfectly with very little flaw – apart from being in my opinion really too short for a game of the strategy board game caliber.

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times is fun, challenging, intuitive, and has great gameplay. Beautiful, although nothing really incredible, there is a well told story to be found and a game that tests your wits and strategy knowledge.

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times brings a well told story in the board game strategy genre. But one sadly a bit to short for its worth.


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