War Tech Fighters Review

War Tech Fighters is a kind of hybrid between a Japanese anime and a Hollywood Blockbuster. The story of the game follows the rebellious colonies of Hebos and Ares who join forces to fight the Zatros empire with the deadliest weapons ever built, the War Techs. Bringing space combat to a whole new level, Tech War are giant machines that combine cold precision and advanced technology on the battlefields of space.

War Tech Fighters is a space-based game, and you’re fighting to become the biggest War Tech pilot in the galaxy. Your mech is evolutionary, every piece of new armor – from your legs to your head – will grow and become more powerful as you advance in this adventure. You can also equip better weapons like quad rockets – which is my favorite weapon – but there is really something for every style. In your hangar (your hub) you can: equip new weapons and armor, learn more about the conflict history etc. You will have the pleasant surprise to realize the quality put on this part of the game.

When you are in game mode and the enemy forces attack, they will start by sending you small fighters to send you their own War Tech machines. The game offers you a finishim genre where you literally destroy your opponent with brutal and devastating blows. As you advance through the game one thing that is very good is the clear direction in your missions, you are well led by all the help of your cockpit.

Personally, I love playing this game in the first person, the images are fluid and always nice to see a giant robot rush on you with rage and speed. Both in handheld mode and docked, the game didn’t seem to stutter or go down much in frames per second. Atleast, not that it is actually noticeable mid combat.

You can replay missions at any time. The environment also contains tutorial missions and additional modes such as Challenge and Survival modes. These basically present the same gameplay as the main missions offer special rewards for accomplishing them. Visually, the game has no reason to pale in front of other games of the genre, I have encountered very little slowdown and really the colors and lights are superb. In general the game is always beautiful and fluid. The sound is good and sometimes close to being spectacular.

War Tech Fighters has mission structures to keep you entertained for a long time, and even after destroying thousands of enemies, it’s still extremely fun to lead a giant Mech, fight in space! The number of customization options is a strength of the game and really gives something when you linger, but necessarily fighting is the star of the game. Moreover, the game is extremely affordable unlike many games of its kind. it gives some good value for its money when you think of its quality and the replayability that it has to offer. A nice surprise and frankly a must for anyone craving for another good mech fighter.

War Tech Fighters is a quality mech fighter that keeps you entertained long after you’ve turned your enemies in to scrap metal.


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