Vitamin Connection

The Switch is the perfect system to play multiplayer games. It’s also the only console that comes with two controllers available right out of the box. Couch co-op is on the rise again and developers are seeing that big time. So it’s only normal that more and more games appear that have an easy to pick up multiplayer mode.

Enter the roles of Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl, co-piloting the capsule vessel to eliminate the infamous pathogens from inside a host’s body. Using simple and innovative controls, you will zap your enemies with your Vitamin Beam, brandish the ship’s handy claw module and turn and traverse colorful environments – like mazes to save members of the Sable family – including the dog! – from an assortment of difficult and increasingly wacky situations. Each stage also includes varied and very fun sub-games.

In co-op, coordination is essential, as one player holds the Joy-Con vertically to move and shoot, and the other holds the Joy-Con horizontally to turn and aim. Fight bacteria with your capsule vessel across six extremely colorful and varied worlds – the visual charm works immediately. It keeps everything clean and simple, yet interesting all the way through. As for music which deserves a more than honorable mention, it is very satisfying and sets the tone for an epic adventure.

The large amount of mini games including, precision twist, rhythmic action, IR-based reflex tests and other challenges! A solo mode is also present in this title and although the coop is by far the strong point, I still had a lot of fun and it’s very good for a game that ultimately pushes towards the multiplayer mode. A New Game Plus mode comes to challenge you after the solo adventure ends and gives you the right to live the story from a whole new perspective as an anti-hero … Pro-Biotic!

Co-op is where Vitamin Connection truly shines, giving a very solid experience in a colorful world of vitamins. Yet the game is perfectly playable in singleplayer to.


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