Venture Kid review

Sometimes indie games are made with the idea to paying tribute to well known established franchises of old. So to did developer Snikkabo AS have the idea to honor one of gamings biggest characters, Mega Man. With a visual style and gameplay similar to the 8-bit hero, Venture Kid has a big task ahead if it wants to be equal to the robot figure of Capcom.

If you want to compare it to Mega Man, then you can! The story revolves around Andy, a young boy who needs to stop the evil bad guy Teklov from ruling the world. Andy goes his way to all kinds of levels while shooting and defeating his underlings. The story is very simple and apart from a few stills where a bit of story goes on, you can easily compare it to games of the 80’s where the story wasn’t all that special, it’s the gameplay that counts.

During the game you go to all kinds of areas like volcanoes, cities, a factory and even space. During the levels you clear you have to fight all kinds of enemies who have their own attack pattern, with a boss at the end of every stage. The game follows the same principle as Capcom’s hero and it even has screen transitions and spike deaths. The gameplay feels almost exactly like the blue bomber, which is an actually good thing.

If you think the similarities probably end there, you’re wrong. Andy starts the game with a regular pea shooter, which is the same weapon Mega Man uses at the start, and you can get new weapons throughout the game. After every boss you can find a power-up that grants you abilities or weapons like a double jump, rockets and even shield. Some skills are tied to a meter so you can’t use them indefinitely, but that is for the better as the game might become to easy if you can keep on double jumping as an example.

The stages are all quite linear with just a few paths to be found to find hidden treasures or extra lives, nothing really special to be found or wowed at here. As a platformer you might think the game won’t take all that long and you are correct. In about an hour and a half you will find yourself at the end of the game. You can save the game during play so you don’t have to keep your Switch in sleep mode if you have to go away for a bit. You can also replay the game to 100% everything, but there’s nothing more to it then that.

We do think we miss a few unique elements to the game. Having a great platformer similar to another game is great and all, but it won’t really make you stand out of the crowd if gamers could just pick up a compilation of good well known games from yesteryear. There are also some moments in levels that require u to use your abilities at the exact right time, and if you miss it you might as well kill yourself to try it again, which is a bummer. But if you do want to play a classic style platformer in a similar vein to Mega Man, you can’t get a better experience then trying out Venture Kid.

Venture Kid is a good game for fans of Mega Man or classic platformers, but we do feel the game could have a few of its own unique elements to stand out more in the already crowded indie platformer genre. But if you do get it, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


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