Vasara Collection Review

For the very first time the Japanese Shoot’em Up series, Vasara and Vasara 2, are made available to the world with Vasara Collection. Science-fiction meets history in these arcade classics that unfold in a feudal Japan in an alternate time, where state-of-the-art weapons and equipment are a reality, and where heroes use flying bikes with incredible firepower and powerful melee weapons to destroy their enemies.

During your flights, you will have the opportunity to fight a multitude of warships, battle tanks, giant robots, evil soldiers and psychotic samurai to prevent 1600 Japan from being invaded by tyrannical forces.

We’ll tell you immediately, the premise of the game is completely crazy, but anyway we never play these kind of games for the story but more for the challenge that the game brings. Warning! it’s not a game for beginners.

The game is based on your player skills and will keep you on your toes in advanced stress. Try to stay alive on this frenetic game where everyone is here to kill you is a real pleasure. Never slow down, a pure frantic arcade game. The collection includes, in addition to the two original titles, a brand new exclusive game mode.

A new widescreen game mode and 4-player cooperation mode, plus support for Tate mode / vertical mode, which makes the experience in my opinion even better – keenly all find a way to add this option in their games. You have a total of 9 playable characters, inspired by real historical Japanese characters, without being really inspired, some characters have a cool aspect.

A gameplay intensely focused on the skills of hardcore players, so a game for the experts of the genre, but they still thought of incorporating an easy mode for beginners. The game gives you the chance to choose certain paths, which will play on multiple purposes depending on your characters and your actions in the game.

In short, a Shoot’em Up that is really intense, beautiful, vintage and frenzied that will make more than one rage. A very nice collection and with the multiplayer mode, I believe you have a safe bet on your hands – but beware! it’s hard, very hard.

Vasara Collection is a great Shoot’em-Up compilation that will give you a wonderfull hard time.


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