Untitled Goose Game review

Many indie games have tried to be innovative, but hardly a handful succeeded in creating either something truly unique in setting or gameplay perspective. Those who are able to catch the eye of the press will most definitely profit from it, but will that game also be enjoyable enough to keep playing once it releases? Let’s put Untitled Goose Game to the test!

One day, there was a peaceful village where life was completely normal, until a really horrible and evil goose starts to terrorize the civilians and is up to no good. Say hello to your playable character, the goose. Untitled Goose Game is a stealthy sandbox, where you are a loose goose in an unsuspecting village. Travel through the city, from the rear gardens of the locals to the department stores to the village park, make life a nightmare for the civilians and steal hats, make your presence heard by your majestic scream and spoil the day of everyone. A city full of people who are just trying to spend their day like normal and it’s up to you to make things more interesting.

Shoes, glasses, carrots, hats, walkie-talkies, cricket bats and more are not immune to the kleptomaniac goose. The game is a total surprise and a good feel good game . You will have a list of quests of naughty acts to be done in order to continue your progress and spread chaos on these poor villagers. Sadly this game is unfortunately too short (we want more!) It is best to know as little as possible and avoid videos on YouTube , at least until the end of your adventure.

You can pick up, steal and take away almost any item you encounter in your adventure, irritate good people and they will not let you go without a fight. You will find several distraction techniques more and more elaborate to succeed certain actions on your list. You have the chance to torment the inhabitants in many ways more ingenious than you might think, making it an oh so addictive title. As you progress, additional goals will be added to your task pages and these will require you to combine objects between different areas to achieve your goals.

Visually the game is cheesy, the visuals are relatively basic, but the style merges perfectly with the basic idea of ​​this game that it wants to set. The music is another good point of the game, it helps to make the adventure even more memorable.

Untitled Goose Game is the kind of game that comes from nowhere and makes a monster effect. I do not think I’m wrong when I say that this game will become a cult soon enough, it is in my opinion a must, I would take more – so much more. This game gives about four hours of entertainment in a game that no one would have predicted before it was announced. Do stay at the end as the credits hold a message of a possible future!

The most unexpected title of the year holds a surpring fun time. If only there was more…


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