Unspottable is a competitive game where you have to hit your friends before they hit you. Mix in the crowd of AI characters, hunt down other players and use the many environment specific rules to win the game.

Unspottable is, if you will, a new take on the classic hide-and-seek game. The game is played with up to four players, you go head to head against each other as you blend into a crowd of identical characters. The game offers a fairly simple gameplay that allows for very simple handling. You have some special abilities, but basically you run, walk, jump, and can point hits. You have 12 different levels to play hide and seek in and each map offers different challenges and you can use the environment to hide.

Visually, Unspottable is superb and at times you have the impression of being in front of a real cartoon, the characters are very charming and they make you smile. Here, no online game, the title was designed to play with friends at home and it is probably the best way to play it as the experience can become delusional. The game necessarily gives a hell of a good time with friends.

Unspottable is a fun and easy to learn game, ideal for small sessions with friends. I did not encounter any technical problem or crash during my several games. The game is beautiful and super smooth. In short, not really the kind of game that I like in general, but this one hits the mark. A must have for fans of the genre, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Never expected that hide and seek would be this exciting in a video game. Unspottable is a great small party game!


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