Undead Horde review

You know that when you buy a game, you are ready to head out into a wild new world or story for you to discover and an evil army or being to destroy. It’s always a nice feeling to come over as a hero, but wat if you don’t want to save the day? What if you want to wreck havoc and loot and pillage the land, making the civilians succumb to your power. By all means then Undead Horde is for you.

You could look at this game and easily compare it to what the Night King did in Game of Thrones. You have your own army that fights for you and as you go on killing your enemies, you can revive them to fight at your side. In this game you are the nercomancer who wants to conquer the land and you go from area to area clearing everything in your path and claiming the land as your own as time goes on. You can also join in the fight with magic and any weapon you get your hands on, making you already more energetic and doing stuff then previously said tv series counterpart.

As a necromancer you are not truly cruel, as fairly on you rescue a few merchants who will stay at your side in the home base to sell you everything you need to wage war and improve your own character. In the game you can acquire gold, experience points and collect loot you find from fallen victims to bolster your own character and underlings.

You can also unlock a teleport portal in each area you play in to quickly navigate around the world and easily sell stuff and reach distant places in a few seconds. With the experience you gained you increase your stats and abilities and amass a loadout that will strike fear to any opponent that dares to cross your road.

As you traverse the land you will encounter many ways to have fun with Undead Horde. There are dungeons to pillage, secret objects to find or key items that you need to further your campaign. You also need to backtrack sometimes as there can be super strong enemies early on in the game that you just can’t beat from the start. This also shows one of the lesser points of the game, besides having strong enemies the game really isn’t hard at all.

You have an almost endless amount of minions beside you and when you do die you just respawn at base camp with everything still intact. That being said, the variety of enemies you encounter is still a reason to keep on playing and exploring every corner of all the area’s to find every collectable or enemy you can find.

As you see your horde of minions duking it out against the many enemies you encounter, it’s hard not wanting to join the fray. Sadly here is where the dead corpses stink a little, because the combat of your character isn’t all that great. You swing your weapon and cast your magic, but the opponents do not move at all when you hit them, almost as if you don’t touch them. The movement of the entire horde is also pretty basic, but that is forgivale as you see how many you have on screen at a given time. It would have been more fun to see that your impacts or the ones from enemies would just have a bit more “oomph” to it.

One more thing that was a bit lack lustre is the sound quality of the game. The soundtrack is ok, but the voice over from the necromancer almost screams in your ear as nails on a chalkboard. So much so that you either want to dim the volume or just use the necromancer less in battle. If they could fix these small frustrations in a future patch, then the game would greatly benefit from it.

Undead Horde is a great strategy dungeon crawler to play as a necromancer who raises an army of the dead. but it lacks a few small elements to make it reach greater heights.


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