Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia

The first season of Trollhunters was released in 2016 on Netflix. An animated series developed by DreamWorks and in addition to positive feedback from critics, it also managed to gain a lot of fans. Although the series was relatively successful, Netflix stopped making the sequel in 2018 after making three seasons of the series, and with this, the secret file on Netflix network was closed. Now, after a short break, we see the return of Trollhunters again in the form of a video game. The title, which from the very beginning promises a very weak game without content, and certainly can not attract the positive opinion of fans of the series, nor is it successful in attracting a new audience for this series.

The story of Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia is about the attack of trolls on Jack and his friends, and this time, with a portal in hand, they manage to take Jack to the past to achieve their sinister goals. Meanwhile, Jack, with the help of his friends, goes to fight the trolls. As for the story, neither the narative nor the setting is enough to present an entertaining story, nor the way the story is told and the characters are portrayed in a way that creates compelling and bearable moments. In practice, the game’s story is engraved on the screen by short dialogues, and are voiced by the characters from the series. But the dialogues are so dull and boring, that they quickly become frustrating to sit through and you’ll be happy every time they just shut up and let you play.

In terms of gameplay, Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia is just like the story, and we are faced with a very simple gameplay design in the form of a side scroller. The game stages are lacking most of the challenges or platforming parts you might find in other platformers. The games characters move quite shallow, and by that I mean both you and the enemies. It’s like warping back in time (just like in the game) by about 30 years and the game would still feel like it’s not quite great. Environments are quite repetitive and lacking in detail, and the only real fun challenge is when you have to make timed shots at moving obstacles. Even the easily to find platforming parts you might finding any other platforming are hard and rare to find here, where you just jump over some objects to reach the finish.

Fortunately, the creators of this game in the visual part have acted exactly like the other parts, and we see one of the weakest titles offered in the eighth generation of consoles, which is just a shame if you know that Trollhunters comes from the stables of Dreamworks, a company that should have the capital to release atleast a semi decent product. Yet they probably favored a small team or a very short development cycle in order to get this title out, as multiple dips in the framerate are noticeable and the designs of the trolls and environments are quite lacklustre.

Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia is a very weak title that, along with other titles based on movies and series, has only tried to make some money to its creators by using the name Trollhunters. The game has many problems in all its parts, and in terms of story and gameplay, due to its simplicity and extremely low depth, it lacks enough value for any good experience. This title can not even be attractive and entertaining for the fans of this series.

Fans of Trollhunters should definitely stick to the series, as this first game is quite a letdown on all terms.


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