Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Weird platformers that have a heavy emphasis on comedy and wackiness are start to pop their heads more and more. You could say it makes the game frustrating, yet somehow it just plain makes the game more stupidly fun and that is the most important part that any game should over. Just plain and good old doses of fun. With the latest wacky game you are a delivery service person, good luck in delivering packages with your clumsy arms!

The goal of the game is very simple, you will have to take objects from A to B without completely damaging the package. The gameplay of the game requires a little patience, you will have to grab and raise your arms – and this in a well coordinated way. The physics of the game are very well done, you can have fun just dragging things around or you can go for the many vehicles in the game, those can help you accomplish your tasks significantly faster – like you hang on a car or a helicopter. This will result in many weird and wacky moments that make for hilarious times.

To start a mission, you must lift a lever from one of the many delivery machines. Suddenly, with the package in hand, you must deliver it quickly and do it carefully and you get bonuses, which leads to a multitude of extras such as costumes, accessories, etc. The game is a sandbox with objectives that you can complete in any order. You don’t even have to do any objectives, as racing against friends and flying around can be just as fun.

The strong point of the game resides in its local and online multiplayer mode with 4 players. Go it alone to ensure the safety of your deliveries or join your friends and put your teamwork to the test. With such unpredictable physics, seeing online ragdolls having fun is a real delight, whether local or online. Some slowdowns can be felt if you are playing with a bunch of people, but nothing that really breaks the game. The visuals are good and simplistic and although in portable the visuals are a little more jerky the game is actually quite great.

An open world where you can basically do anything with your Dummys for hours and hours of non-stop fun. Two additional islands in DLC are available, but in the immediate future you will have quite some time on your hands with the big map that the game offers from the very start.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a fun ragdoll game that will test your teamwork to the fullest.


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