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Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe

Old has become new lately with may indie games looking at the 8- and 16-bit era to create their very own adventure, platformer or even RPG-game. Most of those games just come out digitally on new hardware, but sometimes you have developers who love retro to the point they wish to release their game on older hardware. Enter Tangram Games and Tobu Tobu Girl, which they released back in 2017 and now they have a Deluxe edition that you are able to pick up physically for .. the Game Boy Color!

Thanks to FirstPressGames you can order a physical copy of the game with the original box like you found in stores so many years ago. Tangram made sure that every region has their box variant to choose from. In them you offcourse find the game, playable on the Game Boy Classic, Color, Advance and SP. You also find the same inlay as you used to know together with a 16-page color manual. You even receive a Silver Collector’s Item which is a numbered coin with the main character on it.

In the brief opening of the game, a girl walks with her cat tied to a helium balloon until she stumbles and the kitty goes flying to the stratosphere. It is up to the girl to use her bouncing powers to bounce over enemies until she reaches the cat in 3 chapters of pure adrenaline. Tobu Tobu Girlit is vaguely comparable to Doodle Jump which was popular on smartphones …

But anyway, the difference is that the girl has two skills: the A button makes her fly out quickly and wears out the bar in the corner of the screen. She can also make three runs in any direction with the B button. While stepping on an enemy restores the run limit, crushing it with a down run gives extra points and restores part of the flight meter. These are simple controls, but in practice it can be difficult to get the hang of it and reach the end of each stage with a good score.

Tobu Tobu Girl ends in the third chapter, but there is also a bonus chapter that is longer and more difficult. Scores are recorded in a table and you can chase a high score in each stage to increase the replay factor of the game. With the interesting gameplay and a set of graphics and music very neat for something of this scope, it is certainly a good pastime.

In the end Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe is a great little platformer to have and dust off your Game Boy for. The Deluxe edition is also in fact a version that included a color palette like we saw over 20 years ago with Link’s Awakening DX. If you are interested in the game, then youcan find the Japanese variant here and the European and American versions here.

Thank you to Tangram Games for providing us with a review copy.

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