Tinker Racers

The most veteran players will remember the Micro Machines games that were published in the 1990s. Among the different modes that those games brought there was one that consisted of leaving the opponent off the screen to score a point, until defeating him. Tinker Racers is inspired by this format to develop a frenetic survival racing game.

Rumbora Party Games is a Brazilian studio with just a couple of local projects that present their first international release with this game, for Steam, which now comes to consoles. This is a top-down racing game called Tinker Racers . The races start from the bottom up, with the sole mission of winning and leaving the rest of the rivals aside. Any mistake can be fatal.

Players will race through offices, bedrooms, and kitchens, beating their opponents. Threats include ramps, cutting boards, runaway marbles, staplers, toys, etc. In the main mode, players must lead the group and leave the others behind outside the box on the screen. By doing this they earn one point. The first player to score five points wins the round and the race is over. To give more incentive in the races, the cars can get damaged. At the bottom of the screen the integrity percentage of the racing cars appears, starting with 100% and will decrease as they collide with obstacles, with rivals or have other mishaps.

This proposal certainly keeps players on their toes, because the game does not allow for mistakes. The success comes from the control scheme, simple, logical, arcadey and one of the most polished I’ve seen in indie games , although challenging enough to get hooked on the game. The AI ​​is perfectly balanced, without making enemies look silly or too bloody. The environment is most of the time the worst enemy.

Although the main mode of Tinker Racers can be finished quite quickly, there are some extras to keep players entertained longer. A dark mode can be unlocked and there is also a time trial mode. The races can be played individually once unlocked. Finally, a ‘Free’ mode serves as a way to enjoy the race tracks with less pressure.

The negative point of the game is the limited variety of scenarios and circuits. Although there are several tracks, the worlds repeat themselves too much, missing more variety of situations. More sceneries would have made the game more interesting rather then have multiple tracks in the same room or area.

In the technical part the game uses the Unity3D engine. Although it is a simple style, the scenarios are quite detailed in terms of reproducing the common objects of a house , which helps the immersion. The circuit part is very simple, with chalk or paint lines and little data on the screen. The color is somewhat pastry. The soundtrack is mainly rock with a bit of other tunes mixed in, which fit the scenario quite nicely.

In summary, Tinker Racers is a fun and original game that is very reminiscent of those Micro Machines games that we enjoyed in the 16-bit and 32-bit era, but adapted to modern times. It is true that it could have been better, more varied in its scenarios and cars and have more game modes, but in general you can have a good time both with friends or alone with this one.

Tinker Racers is a frenzied arcade racing game. The game reminds us of the great top-down racers of the 90’s, although a bit more variation in the scenario’s would have been nice.


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