The Tower of Beatrice Review

The life of a thief is not simple: always in the shadows, customers cheat, traps bite … Working on a contract for a mysterious client, you must infiltrate the tower of the powerful magician Beatrice, steal his book recipes and get out alive.

This hidden object game with point and click gameplay offers a light story but still enjoyable to follow. Each room and level during your adventure will lead you to solve puzzles and overcome problems on your way. The gameplay is very simple and gives little too much ease by going from one approach to doing something enitrely different and solving the puzzle.

The game will certainly give you a good time, but the lack of innovation ended up weighing on the game and the worst is probably its game time that is close to 2 hours – maybe 3 hours. Basically the puzzles are basic, color manipulation, etc. In the process, you will retrieve objects to trigger events elsewhere or drag them into your cauldron to concoct a potion.

The graphics of the game are crisp and detailed and offer a nice collection of well-structured pieces to browse and are enjoyable to watch – although unfortunately the sound departement is fairly ordinary. An experience for fans of the genre because it is sold at a low price, for others, pass your turn, there is really nothing incredible to this title.

The Tower of Beatrice is a fun point and click game that has little to offer for newcomers in the genre. However fans might find an enjoyable time for a low price.


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