The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

After having releases on PSP, PS3 and PS4, it is now also time for the Switch to receive the famous and great The Legend of Heroes Rpg-series. This series has stood strong as an ode to the original principal of a JRPG, with great narrative and story segments to bolster its features. The Switch has Trails of Cold Steel III to start off with, and boy is it amazing!

The story follows Rean Schwarzer who discovers a dark plot that threatens his homeland. To face their enemies, he must prepare a new generation of heroes as an instructor on a new campus and guide them to victory.

Trails of Cold Steel III is in fact the third chapter in the big ongoing story. And although we can not play the first 2 games on the Switch, luckily this version includes an excellent (written) summary for the uninitiated to the series. The history of the game being very important, and massive, I will rather focus on the gameplay and everything that makes this title a powerful RPG.

To get started, you will have a kind of tutorial that is well thought out with the game and the start of the adventure. Each chapter of the game pushes you into a sort of routine where the field exercises of Rean and his students help to advance certain characters and plots. Considering the immense distribution of characters, it is rather welcome that these moments on campus are more relaxed and help to sympathize with all these personalities.

The game has main missions and side quests which are optional, but which go a long way in learning about cities, the country and people, which keeps you wanting to see and learn more. Even if the game takes a while to really start, and all of them are in place, the wait is definitely worth it. The epic battles and moments of turn-based battles are immediately fun – you have access to standard attacks, character-specific abilities, and magic spells of your choice. 

The break gauge is a new addition to the series, it gives even more tactics to the game, because when the gauge runs out to zero you lose a turn and this can be very annoying at key moments of the game. A Master Quartz slot for each character has been added and this gives more maneuvers to customize the group which helps, as the game can be quite difficult at times – even at normal difficulty. Fans will appreciate the option of orders which is ultimately a kind of tower buffs that you think is the right time to give the signal. A bluff in addition to being able to change the game of a battle gives you more points to activate team attacks.

The game runs terribly well on the switch, whether in portable or dock mode, the title is well done and I never had any problems. The game is massive and gives you a fantastic world where the escalation of tension is everywhere. The cutscenes are always interesting and visually magnificent. Everything in this superb RPG has been thought to build a fantastic, robust and coherent world. Music is a stroke of genius as it shines! From the most subtle moment to the big plays, the music is simply epic – a tour de force. You’ll get it here for a minimum of 60 hours of main story alone, but there’s a lot more to discover – so much related stuff and quests that are all fun and relevant.

With a combat system that evolves with the series, they managed to deepen everything and give this JRPG an almost perfect balance, whether it is the story or the gameplay of the game, everything is almost perfect. A title that will make the list of best games of the genre this year, I’m sure. The series progresses at a steady pace increasing the quality with every release. Meaning we can’t wait to see what the fourth installment will give us.

Trails of Cold Steel III is an amazing RPG that becomes more perfect with every new iteration.


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