The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos

The game that we are going to analyze today is The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos – Chicken Edition, a fun tactical RPG that takes us to an idyllic world and makes us feel as if we were playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons with our friends. The game has been developed by Artefacts Studio and published by Dear Villagers, and is based on the audio series by French author John Lang, which parodies role-playing games and the heroic fantasy plot.

It all begins with an intrepid group of disastrous heroes venturing into the Naheulbeuk dungeon in search of a statuette, but soon a sense of Déjà vu will run through their bodies. With this premise begins the story of The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos – Chicken Edition and is the starting gun for a series of crazy, hilarious and crazy plots in which our protagonists will show their skills and their clumsiness to get out of the game. complicated situations.

After the first bars of the game, we realize that we are not facing a tactical RPG to which we are accustomed , since it moves away from the seriousness and solemnity of those who are proud, showing us a story full of clichés, jokes, scathing comments and comedians.

As in a game of Dungeons and Dragons, our story does not have a single protagonist and the weight of the narrative falls on a disparate team made up of an explorer, an elf, a dwarf, a barbarian, a wizard, an ogre and a thief, who will tell us their perspective of each of the situations they face, many times breaking the fourth wall.

As soon as the game starts and after configuring parameters such as the level of difficulty or the voice of our narrator, we will find ourselves before an intense tutorial that will explain each of the playable possibilities with hair and signals. Due to the level of detail that it presents us, it can become overwhelming and slow for players who are not used to this type of game, but we believe that it is totally necessary , since you need to know perfectly each of the details to plan. your battles.

When exploring the dungeon we will have the classic controls of an RPG as if it were Diablo . We will be able to move freely through the dungeon without any type of restriction to unravel its secrets. At this point we will be able to exchange between each of the members of our team and be able to use their skills if necessary, such as the thief, which allows us to detect and deactivate traps.

When engaging in combat, the gameplay becomes what is seen in titles like Xcom . As soon as we start we can redistribute our characters within a delimited area without penalizing us and after confirming the positions the combat will begin. In it, each of our characters will have 2 action points . One of them assigned to displacement and another assigned to a combat action, which we can use as we see fit.

When we have to move, we can select the cell we want and we will have the action of the game choosing the route or indicating the route points to be traveled. There is a special type of movement called Sprint, which uses up all our action points but allows us to go further.

Among the available combat actions, each one will depend on the selected character, but all of them will be able to use potions, make a main attack, a special attack and the use of abilities, as well as being able to heal themselves. Although that’s not all, since the battlefield is full of dangers, such as incendiary or poisonous barrels, which will cause status damage to the characters that are around them.

After completing the fight, the experience gained will be shown to us and we will be given the option to heal our allies, since health is not recovered when completing an encounter . We will have a large number of weapons, armor, customization options, as well as a tree of passive and active skills for each character, as well as a large number of attributes that we can improve each time we level up.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos – Chicken Edition has a cartoon-like graphic look, leaving us with a colorful, well-detailed and adorable world that goes well with the plot and the wild aspect of the narrative. Each of the characters reflects their personality very well through their visual appearance and this makes it easy to recognize them in one go. And the environment is not far behind, since we will find a great diversity of places within each of the floors of the dungeon, from abandoned basements to taverns and outdoor areas.

All this accompanied by a sound that allows us to immerse ourselves in each of these areas. In terms of sound, we will find musical pieces of battles, atmosphere and combat that will take us to an epic and fantasy setting in a very successful way. The game has voices in English subtitles, but even so, the performances of the voice actors are full of charisma and personality, perfectly reflecting the way of being of each of our protagonists.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos – Chicken Edition is a fun tactical RPG that will give us approximately 30 hours of fun, with a start that may seem slow but necessary to discover all the potential that awaits in your Dungeon, which is full of life and magnificently represented. 


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