The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

With Netflix trying their hands on not only games converted to movies and series, but now also series and movies converting to games. We have a close eye on them on what they will be doing next and what kind of a high profile games they will be releasing. Their first attempt to make The Stranger Things in to a game hasn’t really shaken up the industry, so now it’s the turn for The Dark Crystal to show it’s hand and what they have to offer.

What could go wrong in a game based on a show that uses dolls in the 21st century? First of all, I would like to make it clear, there is nothing wrong with the series. Even using figures that are not computer graphics, the magic remains the same as that used in the 1983 feature film and brings back an even denser universe with interesting plots.

Hey, but I should be talking about the game, right? Correct, but the first factor to pay attention to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics is that the story, characters and plots are exactly the same as the series, with no new or additional elements. So, if you watched the episodes, the story is kind of obvious, without taking or putting anything on.

And then there is the first failure. All the scenes are told by small comics, with quick conversations and that often could be used to further enrich the universe. But what you see is the opposite, if you already know the content. You are re-introduced to everything for the thousandth time, you have to follow the same journey of those characters in a very similar way and everything becomes just a repetition.

However, as I said in the introduction, this was already expected from an adaptation. What caught the attention in the title was not the story told, but the way the game would represent it through tactical combat. For me, who am a fan of Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Pokémon Conquest, and the like, this was where the surprise could come from. But I confess that the disappointment was as great as the fact that the adaptation did not bring something cool in the content of the series.

The BonusXP idea of the tactics genre seems right, but you feel that something has been lost along the way. In addition to the numerous loading times and small crashes that the game has, the fighting does not work in a good way in terms of mechanics. Characters at lv.1 who have techniques they can barely use, a system of professions which some hinder rather than assist, simple missions and excessive repetitions of scenarios disappoint.

Furthermore, with so many RPGs existing in the gaming world, it is impossible that the company has not paid attention to small details that improve the player’s quality of life. For example, I have a character in my party whose equipment I am modifying; if i want to change the weapons of another, i have to go back to the initial menu and select the other warrior from there to equip him properly. All other games in the genre allow this to be done with the press of an R1 / L1, for example.

Techniques like “Flying” are completely underused. Such a technique, instead of allowing aerial confrontations between opponents, only works as a second move in the middle of your turn. There are several equal skills between characters in the same party, this may have been made more diverse.

The title is a simple game to learn and beginners will understand perfectly how it works only in the first hour. Without many insane rules that every tactical game has, it will captivate those who know nothing of the material and want to enter this universe.

The soundtrack is repetitive and, although we are in 2020 and the debate about graphics is no longer applicable, it is clear that the movement of characters and the progression of the scenario are quite simple, not consistent with the current generation of video games that we are in. There are more beautiful 8-bit games on the market.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics works, you can play and even have fun with the story, especially if you haven’t heard it before, as well as it being a simpler gateway to the genre. But it is not safe for those who really like the material, be it for those who acquire it thinking about the tactical RPG or who are fans of the series and want to relive those adventures in other media.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics is sadly a mediocre attempt to turn the series in to a video game, yet newcomers to the genre might find a decent game here.


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