Talisman Digital Edition

Games can be great fun in a party of friends, but so can board games. When you think of making a board game digital it might not always work out perfectly, but sometimes it actually does! Talisman Digital Edition was already available on platforms like Steam, and now it deservingly arrives on Nintendo Switch.

Talisman is centered on a free-for-all concept where everyone is against each other, and the main objective is to either kill everyone or get to the spiral at the center of the board to become an enormous force to be reckoned with. Before starting your game you will have to choose one of the basic characters (although more characters can be bought on the eShop), among a good batch of 20 characters which are at your disposal, they range from dwarves to mages to warriors, who can use two weapons at the same time, which by the strip allows to roll 2 dice during the combat, and several others just as different, but all have meaning in the universe of the game. The game board is your playground, players must draw an adventure card which allows them to obtain certain objects such as weapons, gold, etc.

The game is played with cards, but you will have to roll a higher number of dice than monsters or other players, your number can increase thanks to the objects found or won during the game. Your base board has three levels to cross. You will learn the basics of the game especially with the outer ring considering that it is the easiest to understand, with its agricultural side interspersed with old ruins. Two hostels will serve as your hub, plus certain characters such as the doctor or the enchantress can help you or get in the way, this necessarily requires more strategy from the players.

In the second ring, The Desert, you can buy a raft for gold and jump over the river in the adjacent space, or you can fight a Sentinel, and without having taken care to prepare your attack for the inner circle you will die quickly.

For the third and final ring, you will need a Talisman, which you will get in a quest. The whole thing may seem difficult and complex, but frankly after one or two games you will have understood the concept of the game.

In addition, the possibility of playing with others – online – works very well and will give you a better chance of understanding the game well. Two to six players – the same goes for offline with friends.

Visually, the game is good for what it can offer us, even if one of the strong points is the visual art of the cards and the characters. Musically, it’s good, but the main thing here is that in my opinion this title is one of the best console board games. Fun, exciting and always with a different outcome. A more than good basic lifespan, with in addition to the DLC which seem enormous, the game is extended by many, many more playsessions.

Talisman: Digital Edition makes a great transition from board game to actual game and will offer plenty of exciting evenings online and offline.


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