Taimumari Complete Edition Review

Since the start of the Switch its lifecycle the eShop has seen an influx of games big and small, from the triple A games to lenghty and replayable experiences, but also bit sized games have found an audience and a place among the portable fans and Taimumari is one of those.

Taimumari: Complete Edition is a retro 2D platform game. You play as Himari, a wizard who travels back in time to restore the balance in her world. The game also has a bit of a shoot’em up feel to it with all the craziness of dodging and shooting going on through the quick adventure that you experience.

The goal of the game is to get from point A to point B by going through various obstacles and enemies to finish with a Boss fight, which is nothing exactly new to be found in the genre. But considering that the game can be relatively easy, the end-level boss brings a real challenge where patience is needed to win.

Each level has its secrets that you must discover and collectables to well, collect. To further increase the desire to continue playing they also added a leveling systems and a way to control time, which is always neat! Even the villains have a story to tell in why they became that way. The game has a simple but clean look to it and allthough Taimumari is fairly short, it’s a great game for any fan of the genre.

Taimumari Complete Edition is a neat pixel style game that has some great boss battles.


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