Code: Realize – Wintertide Miracles

Code: Realize ~ Wintertide Miracles ~ is the third game in the Code: Realize series of visual novels otome. The original work, Guardian of Rebirth , told a closed story about a girl named Cardia, whose body possessed a strong poison. Along with a group of characters based on various literary works, she goes through different situations in a steampunk version of London. […]


World End Syndrome Review

World End Syndrome tries to split a mystery story and romantic adventure together in the sunny holiday setting, but rather surprises us all with a special game structure. Mihate Town, a sleepy little town on the Japanese coast, but with a peculiar penchant for the occult: this place is where our playable protagonist, who is […]


Otome visual novel collection Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby coming to Switch

Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby, an Otome visual novel collection, is coming to Japanese Switch owners on August 29. The Brothers Conflict games originally released on the PSP, after which they came to PS Vita. Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby includes both the May 2012-released Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink and September 2013-released Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue, which were originally released for […]


Our World Is Ended review

With so many visual novels releasing on the Switch it’s hard to track down the cream of the crop in storytelling among all the simplistic narratives that lure you in with cute characters or high definition artwork. Most visual novels tend to be about getting your own ‘harem’ of cute boys or girls who you […]