Rise Of Insanity

Horror games have been quite numerous on the Nintendo Switch ever since it first launched. But when you talk about the horror genre, there are several kinds of gameplay mechanics that can be put in to place. from jumpscares to action orientated games. But then there is also the psychological horror and that is where […]


Alien Isolation

People who like to be horrified by their game console have not had a particularly good choice of frightening experiences this generation. In addition to the new Resident Evil parts and an ambitious attempt like Blair Witch, the horror genre has remained fairly snowed in lately. Fortunately, quality trumps away and we have been able […]


Breathing Fear

The last few years we saw a resurgence of the horror genre thanks to already cult classics like Outlast and Amnesia. One would think that a horror game is best played in first-person. But the sinister vibe also lends itself to the pixel animated games like Lone Survivor. Breathing Fear is here to give us […]



Now we all know that Nintendo used to be called all kinds of names when it comes to their mature games. Having little to no 18+ games, making their consoles mainly for kids. Well gone are those days! The Switch has received some amazing gore based games like Doom and Resident Evil and now we […]


The Childs Sight coming to Switch

The Childs Sight has been announced by Bedtime Blues developer Hannmade Studios and publisher Forever Entertainment. the game will be releasing on Switch and all we know truly now is that it is a horror game. We also have a teaser trailer and some info from the developer for you below. Slowly unraveling the story […]