Sweet Witches Review

Finding unique platformers isn’t easy when you have hundreds to choose from on the Nintendo eShop. So finding one is always a special moment of either true joy or dissapointment as not all games are worth your time and money. Sweet Witches is a unique puzzle platformer that relies on one big gimmick to try and reach the top of the charts, ladders.

In this nice little game you play the adorable witches Praline and Vanilla who can only rely on their magic scales, their unique abilities and their powers to claim the treats they deserve! Put on your magic hat, the candy quest will begin! Master powerful spells and tricks to be victorious, alone or with friends.

This little platform game lets you play in a little over 50 levels spread across more than 5 unique worlds, alone or in cooperation with another player – this is probably where the game will find its audience. The game is fun solo, but nothing more. Strangely the title gets bigger when played with two and the fun had playing the puzzles increases alot when played in multiplayer.

There are four playable witches, each with their unique fate, quite varied which gives a little more personality to the title. The story is relatively uninteresting and in any case it is not necessary. The goal of the game is to pick up all that is sweet and you have a special ability: invoke magic scales to make your way up or down. Reach surprise gift boxes with powerful weapons to crush your enemies. The option of sowing the soil with flowers to load your powers is interesting, but unfortunately not often enough used to be of true value.

Sweet Witches is a nice title that requires a little bit of thought. Although the game doesn’t reach the greatest heights in quality it is a decent solo puzzle platformer, but in multiplayer the game is at its best. All of the puzzle platforming comes in a visually nice package and with an ok sound quality.

Sweet Witches is a decent puzzle platformer with a few unique touches, but is at its best with a few good friends in the room.


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