Supermarket Shriek

Going to the supermarket is not always exciting: looking for parking spaces, comparing prices, pushing a heavy cart and taking long lines at checkout counters. However, to combat the boredom of shopping, there is Supermarket Shriek, the game that will make you look at retail establishments with new eyes.

Supermarket Shriek does not have a story. It is just a boy and a goat inside a metal cart. They must travel the craziest paths avoiding obstacles, knocking over piles of cans of beans, collecting items through the corridors, or racing against toy vehicles. Each store has a different type of challenge, but after a while they become repetitive, even with the different circuits presented. What really changes is the complexity of each path, which gains more curves and obstacles.

Your score is evaluated over time and can yield one to three stars. Collecting these stars, you gain access to the largest market in the region, and once you overcome it, you can move on to new areas. There are still some bonus stages, which pay homage to other games, like Sonic and Super Hot.

The main campaign can be played by one or two people. In the case of a pair, each one controls one of the members of the cart. There is also a mode for four people, with varied disputes, such as sumo, in which we must push opponents through holes and obstacles.

The grace of the title is in your controls. The triggers control the screams of one of the passengers in the cart, each responsible for turning to one side. When driving both at the same time, the vehicle will move forward. The proposal is fun and matches the fact that the unlikely duo is in a crazy market cart, but it can be a little irritating because of its inaccuracy. Nothing that a little practice and patience does not solve.

There’s not much to say about the Supermarket Shriek look. It relies on the good old cartoon style, which works very well with the humor and the feeling of being in a Sunday program contest. It is still possible to make slight customizations, putting glasses or hats on both the boy and the goat.

The soundtrack has strange variations. While some songs are fun, others flirt with smooth jazz , not quite matching the rush through the market, but nothing that is not ignored.

Supermarket Shriek is a fun and chaotic party game that will make you scream till the end.


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