Super Mario Maker 2 doesn’t let you play with friends online, open ended Story Mode, more

After the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct of two weeks ago, press was invited to Nintendo HQ’s all over the world to try out the game in preparation of the launch. Alot of new info came out of this preview that we had and here is a sum up of it all.

Probably the most interesting new info slice came of the Multiplayer and Story Mode. You cannot play with friends online, only with strangers. And the Story Mode has an open ending, meaning you can make choices through the game and that will determine how you progress through the story.

We do know that Super Mario Maker 2 supports multiplayer with friends – you just can’t do it online. You can team up with others locally on a single system or through local wireless with up to four systems.

Other info that came from the preview:

– No amiibo support unlike the first game
– Mystery mushroom costumes are also gone as a result
– Almost everything unlocked from the start
– Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadette handle the exact same
– Every stage technically supports multiplayer
– Can play Super Mario Maker 2 with whatever combination of controllers you want
– Can adjust controls in the settings
– When using the editor when docked, use the control pad to quickly access any of the toolbars by pressing it in that direction
– Story Mode is open-ended
– This means it changes depending on your choices
– Ex: choose what part of the castle to rebuild next
– Can replay stages in Story Mode, but can’t earn a completion award more than once
– Full control over Mario while exploring the castle
– Yamamura is back, will teach you how to use tools and game theory topics
– Wind in the moon desert courses vary in direction and intensity
– Checkpoints apparently customizable to give different items
– New kart can break apart by hitting things, and objects will pop out while it’s breaking apart
– Meowser can have different attacks such as being winged, flying into the background, and spit fire from a distance


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