Super Crush KO

Do you have a pet at home? You must know how important he or she is to you. But what happens if one day your pet disappears? In Super Crush KO your cat is lost and you do what it takes to get it back!

In terms of gameplay, Super Crush KO can be counted as a combo fighting game. Similar to guacamelee! You fight your way with combos through individual areas. And in Super Crush KO, too, you will gradually be assigned new techniques. The fun of the game increases steadily and you practice yourself in ever greater challenges.

However, here is the biggest difference to guacamelee, because Super Crush KO is not a Metroidvania. You fight much more from level to level and discover new opponents or new techniques per area. The levels are all of the same length and can be mastered within 5-10 minutes. While you are constantly learning new attacks in the first level, which can expand your combo series tremendously. Later, more new opponents and obstacles will stand in your way.

Whereas the first sections are rather easy, the game becomes a tough fighting game within 2-3 hours. Fortunately, there are always checkpoints where you can start again if you lose a life. When all of your 5 lives have been used up, you have to start the level again. In addition to the striking techniques, there is also a firearm that you can use on the ground or in the air. But be careful! The ammunition is very scarce – but fortunately it also refills automatically.

The same goes with all skills in Super Crush KO. Because you also have a purple bar that gradually empties when you use punching and dodging techniques. In the later levels you can also fire a super laser, but only if the special bar is fully filled. In the top right corner you can also see your current combo rank. The higher the Comborate, the more points you get!

Opponents and areas offer little variety, but the fun increases by learning the perfect combo. Obstacles can be laser beams that you have to avoid, as well as circular saws that move from A to B. Nothing particularly exciting, but it definitely serves its purpose. After completing a level you not only see your successes, but you also get to read small dialogs from time to time, which loosen up the action a little. Yes, they are certainly not profound, but it is always enough for a little pinch of humor in between.

Technically, Super Crush KO is a very healthy game. The combo tester looks optically very interesting at first and the animations are also impressive, but it quickly becomes clear how little variety is offered in terms of visuality. But that’s not too bad, because the control system scores points across the board. Every stroke and every combo hits perfectly when mastered and the longer you play, the more fun Super Crush KO is.

You can play Super Crush KO for hours and play in one go, or enjoy it in small bursts and learn something new every day. Whether in handheld or TV mode, Super Crush KO is a lot of fun, even if a bit on the harder side. But with some well placed checkpoints it’s never a real issue.

Super Crush KO is fun for hours on end. With a good visual style and a good combo system to lead you to the finish.


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