Stitchy in Tooki Trouble

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing platform for a vast number of genres. And the platform games truly shine here, whether you go for a 16 bit-era platformer or fully 3D ones, there are an abundance to choose from. Stitchy in Tooki Trouble is also a new platformer from the tiny country of Belgium that dwindled under the radar up until its release. The game houses a very interesting look and feel that might just remind us of some other great platformer.

The simplicity in the story is usually one of the lesser things in a platform game, yet not the most important part. The story revolves around the evil Tooki stealing all of the corn and Stitchy, a scarecrow that miraculously comes to life, has to search around different levels and worlds to try and get all the corn back. A bit of a similar setup that Donkey Kong Country from Nintendo had with bananas.

The developers have proclaimed loud and clear the influences that have shaped some of the gameplay exhibited in this platforming adventure. And these titles are none other than Donkey Kong Country and Crash Bandicoot , two extremely popular platformers that are both very good in the jumping mechanic as it is in the world that they create. When first playing the game, it becomes immediately clear that the game has a Donkey Kong look and feel to it. But looking at another game isn’t always a bad thing.

What about Crash Bandicoot ? Well, it also takes some elements, such as the theme of the wooden boxes that are distributed throughout all the scenarios and that you must break, although in this case their collection is not part of the collectible items as it happens in the series created. However, Stitchy in Tooki trouble doesn’t go to complex in the mechanics that both DKC and Crash Bandicoot give us, and that is how they seperate themselves from the latter games.

This is clear if we pay attention to its controls, which could not be simpler … and also limited. And it is that beyond executing a double jump and a culetazo, the protagonist is hardly capable of making any additional movements. A design decision that has its pros and cons. On the one hand, all of this makes it very accessible, a feature coupled with a very low level of difficulty . A combination that will surely attract less skilled and novice users in these struggles but that, in return, will put back those who are used to dealing with much more difficult platform titles such as, without going any further, the Donkey Kong games themselves.

In short, it is a very calm platform adventure that, if you are not one of those who seek too complicated challenges in this type of games, it is quite enjoyable while it lasts … which is not that it is much either. And not because the developers have scratched with the amount of levels included, to add a total of 30, but because their length is quite meager. In about three hours it is possible to overcome it with all the collectibles and the three extra levels as soon as we do well with titles of this nature. A game that in its technical aspect is not bad at all considering its indie origin, with relatively detailed and quite diverse scenarios within what is possible. And as for audio quality, the melodies accompany the action well without disturbing it, while the sound effects are somewhat scarce but well performed.

Without being the best platform game so far this season, this exclusive Switch title is perfectly enjoyable, especially for those less skilled or younger players … or, simply, for those who want to taste a good 2D platform game without worrying too much about calculating each jump to the inch. Precisely the latter, its low level of difficulty and its relatively short duration, become its two main drawbacks. But for the rest, this is an entertaining game, with a sufficient variety of situations and levels and several quite successful nods to franchises such as Donkey Kong Country and Crash Bandicoot. This is a worthy first adventure and one that they can learn from for even better games in the future.

Stitchy in Tooki Trouble delivers a fun and good looking platformer that will best be enjoyed to those who like the more easier games or those of a younger audience.


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