Star Sky review

When you look at video games, you often seem them being treated as violent or plain dumb fun to pass the time. But what people don’t see is that some developers also want to show something to the player. And rather then showing it off with hefty cutscenes, they want to offer an experience to players that is both fascinating and intriguing to play. Star Sky is one of those games that hopes to bring a good experience to the player.

In Star Sky, your goal is to find 18 different events as you stroll through the night sky as the silhouette of a man. It is hard not to spoil how you trigger an event, but it usually folds around to walk towards certain objects and wait as the event activates itself.

I found the execution of the story quite interesting, however this can change from person to person. The story does not offer much narration or text and it is with your interpretation that the events unfold. This may be a big turn off for people who want to be guided through a story.

How you navigate through the story is up to you, but slow and steady wins is the best way to experience everything the game has to offer. You have a walk and run button. But allthough some might want to breeze through the experience by running, you will see that moving slowly will be much better if you want to see all the hints that lead in to a new event. You will most likely not find all the events in one playthrough, so coming back or restarting it after you finished the game is a way to get more time out of your money.

This game focuses heavily on the poetic side of art and so does it visually to. Star Sky presents a simple yet effective style, using silhouettes and a stunning background. Despite the lack of actual music, the game presents a solid amount of sound effects that leads to a great atmosphere for the game.

Star Sky is a small game that slowly lets you discover a story that is based on your imagination. The game isn’t all that long and some might find it boring even if they can’t get in to the right mood. But with good interpretation you can find something decent and poetic here.


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