Spirit of the North

Games where you play as animals aren’t really that easy to find. And when you find them, they can sometimes lack decent controls or just be plain boring to play through. In comes Infuse Studio with Spirit of the North, which is both charming and amazing to look at, well this is a game we like to try out!

Spirit of the North is a solo third person adventure game inspired by the breathtaking and mysterious landscapes of Iceland. The story takes root in various pieces of Nordic folklore. You play as an ordinary red fox whose story merges with the guardian of the northern lights, a female spiritual fox. Walking through the mountains and under a red-stained sky, you will find out more about your companion and the ruined lands.

This unique game deliberately has no dialogue or narrative itself. Players must explore the environments to solve various puzzles and speculate on the meaning of an ancient lost civilization. During your advance in this world, you will have the chance to progress thanks to spiritual capacities, which gives among other things the chance to control the spirit of the fox or to teleport, etc. You must draw the spiritual energy from a flower then transfer it to a statue, from this moment the game opens paths and generates environmental changes such as the rise or fall of water currents.

In terms of controlling the fox, the movements are quite precise, but the whole thing is greatly helped by an easy-to-direct camera and it greatly helps to observe and move forward in smaller places. Considering that the zones can get big enough to feel huge at times the only downside that I would have on the gameplay is that the fox can run, but not very long before it runs out of steam – too short a sprint for certain zone, nothing really dramatic, but it would go a long way toward filling some large, slightly empty spaces.

The visuals of the game are really charming and although the portable mode does not have the sharpness that the TV mode offers, the game is still beautiful and pleasant to explore. The narrative force of the game probably resides in its incredible soundtrack which stays in the lead with its sweet / bitter melody filled with melancholy. A tour de force which perfectly complements this superb universe. You’ll have a good 5 hours to successfully complete the game and maybe 2-3 more hours if you want to find all the secrets hiding in the form of monk corpses.

Spirit of the North is a charming puzzle adventure and one of the best games to have if you wish to play as an animal.


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