Sparklite is an adventurous action game that contains roguelite elements. This means that when you die, you walk through a randomly generated world again. Most roguelites don’t have a real storyline, but Sparklite does have one. Are you curious how that all works together and what we think about it? We sure are!

In the world of Sparklite you explore Geodia. Everything in this world consists of Sparklite; these are blue, glowing ores. You take on the role of heroine Ada. She plans to defeat the evil enemy “Baron.” The villain is busy mining large quantities of Sparklite. He needs these ores for his war machines, but the use of these ores releases many harmful substances. The peaceful animals have turned into enemies and nature is getting worse.

The story begins with Ada and her robot helping someone who crashed with their airship. Ada lands on the ground of Geodia and soon meets all kinds of enemies. When she was about to die, she was grabbed by a claw and pulled up. A ship was floating in the air, which will later also serve as a hub. From this moment on the game really starts and you can go down again and again to collect Sparklite. In the game you will offcourse often die, after which you will return to the hub to use your collected ores to make upgrades.

The world consists of five areas. You can only go to the next area once you have defeated the boss of the current location. Since the areas are randomly generated, the layouts are always different. This ensures that you take a fresh dive every time in Geodia. Fighting speaks for itself; you use your wrench to perform melee attacks and if you press the attack button you can use a hammer for strong attacks. Your goal is always to return to the hub with as much Sparklite as possible.

You can also collect different types of rags to give yourself boosts. For example, you have one that gives you more lives, another that gives you extra defense, but also one with which you can already see a part of the map. With Sparklite you can upgrade your number of portable laps. You start with a 3 × 3 grid, which then becomes 4 × 4 and so on. Some pieces are just one block, but others can also be worth four blocks. With your found Sparklite you can also upgrade a store, which offers an extra item per upgrade. In addition, there is a workplace where you can cash in on blueprints, at Sparklite of course. These blueprints consist of additional attack options, but you can also use them for exploration. For example, you have a slingshot, but also a rocket that you can control. With that rocket you can blow up stones that one time contains Sparklite, while the other time a hole is released to a hidden cave.

Sparklite looks very nice on the Nintendo Switch. The pixel art is very beautiful and splashes off your screen. The style is very cute and creates a nice atmosphere. The music also fits well. As you have busier music during boss fights and wonderful, calm music when exploring. The game runs very smoothly while exploring, but unfortunately not in the hub. There are noticeable framedrops in the hub, especially when playing in handheld mode. They are not really frustrating as that isn’t where the action is at but they are there almost every time.

Sparklite is a wonderful roguelite. The game consists for the most part of grinding Sparklite and using it again to make yourself stronger. You notice the addictive factor that resembles many rogue lites like Dead Cells and Rogue Legacy. You plunge down again and again to uncover new areas and get to use more advanced items and attacks each time. Making this the perfect games to come back to again and again.

Sparklite joins a growing library of addicting rogue-lite games with a fun story and addicting ways to delve deeper in world.


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