Songbird Symphony Review

There are so many games coming out in these months that one gamer can never finish them all. One of those who had been on the radar for a few weeks was Songbird Symphony, a title published by PQube Games that is an emotional adventure next to a charismatic character. The game is, in general, a platformer with rhythm mechanics and that invites us to explore a lively world full of more colorful characters.

The story of Songbird Symphony is quite tender and I’m surprised at what it can achieve by being such a small game. Birb, our protagonist, is an adorable character who has grown up surrounded by great dancers and talented people. Unfortunately, he is small, plump and not at all colorful, so he has been ridiculed by the rest of the tribe. That is why Birb decides to discover who he really is, since he does not know his true parents and does not feel attached to the place where he grew up.

Starting our adventure, we travel through different villages and tribes with new characters, learn to sing and dance with other birds, make new allies and gradually discover the truth of our existence. The game is not violent at all, so the story is quite warm and will invite us to spend time reading what happens and solving their puzzles, jumping on platforms and, as I said before, getting involved in the rhythm.

Songbird Symphony combines platform mechanics, puzzles and rhythm, so the gameplay is really varied and entertaining. In the game, we don’t have to fight or face enemies as such, it’s a very “safe” game for all kinds of audiences, but I think that’s what the developers wanted to offer. Everything is resolved by dancing and singing as in a good rhythm game.

While the music is playing, you see the lyrics of the songs on the screen, although there is no vocalization in the game, the voice will sound in your head or you can sing it if you want it. The progression in the game does not depend on the scores you get, so you can play any section only if you are very perfectionists with the ratings.

On the other hand, the puzzles are included in the navigation of the game, although they are also mixed with the rhythm mechanics and that is why the whole game depends on how we mix notes or how precise we are when pressing the buttons at the perfect time. It is a bit confusing in some parts, but this does not stop anyone from exploring and feeling the level of challenge it presents in that regard. Each puzzle is carefully constructed, so it will be a good exercise for the brain.

Songbird Symphony totally depends on the music, its songs and, obviously, on what it transmits. This is how the soundtrack of the game is impressive, from the pieces used for the background to those used in battles against bosses. There is a bit of everything kind of musical tune you can imagine and you will have many melodies to listen to.

When we look at the graphics, the game maintains that essence of pixels that indie studies have been using for ages. The good thing is that the sprites of the characters are perfectly animated, so the game does not depend solely on them, but on all the art that is embodied in this games.

The character design is also very good, representing all kinds of personalities and types of birds for their movements, attitude, gestures and dialogues. It is a very original game when we look at it from this aspect, since the development team made perfect work of their time perfectionizing the details.

If you are looking for something different to play, that combines very varied and different mechanics, Songbird Symphony is a game worth checking out. Each character in the story has its value, the soundtrack is very well done and, in general, the game led a very careful development process. Birb is a great protagonist, the story is quite sad and exciting at many times.

If you feel like perfectionizing your scores then you are in for a treat. Just completing the story will take you about 6 hours, but since the game is completely replayable you will not hesitate to return for another run.

If you are looking for something different to play, that combines very varied and different mechanics, with great music to boot. Then Songbird Symphony is the perfect fit for you.


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