Skull & Co. are bringing back the Gamecube with this amazing gripcase!

The Switch has received an overwhelming amount of accessories to date. Most of which being the usual and pretty generic. But sometimes there is a company that publishes something marvelous!

Accessory maker Skull & Co. has released a limited edition gripcase for the Nintendo Switch and boy does it bring back memories of a different era. Only 2000 of these gripcases are being made and if you feel interested you can place your order here. Be fast as these tend to go out of stock quickly!

If you feel like seeing more on the gripcase, you can find pictures and info below!

Skull & Co. NGC Limited Edition GripCase For Nintendo SWITCH (Includes Thumb Grips And D-Pad Set)
A Perfect Protective Case For Players Who Prefer SWITCH In Handheld Mode


Free Shipping Worldwide.
2000 Units Only.
NGC Themed Thumb Grip Set And D-Pad Set Are Included.
Three Pairs Of Interchangeable Grips To Fit All Hand Sizes And Provide Players With Comfortable Handling To Avoid Carpal Tunnel.
Dock Friendly: No Need To Remove The GripCase Case When Docking Your SWITCH.
Enlarged ZL/ZR Triggers Which Provide Better Control.
Made From Soft TPU Material Which Provides Solid Protection, Easy To Fit And Remove.
The Maxcarry Case Can Be Purchased Separately.

Packing List:

1x GripCase Body
1x Pair Of SnapGrip
1x Pair Of TriggerGrip
1x Pair Of PlusGrip
1x Thumb Grip Set (NGC Themed)
1x D-Pad & Button Caps Set (NGC Themed)


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