Shantae And The Seven Sirens

Wayforward is back with one of their most succesfull franchises ever on the Nintendo Switch. After porting their previous works Half-Genie Hero and The Pirate’s Curse it’s now time to play the next installment The Seven Sirens!

In this new adventure, Shantae acquires new Fusion Magic abilities to explore a vast submerged city, she makes new Half-Genie friends and fights the Seven Mermaids in the biggest and most exciting quest to date! With several cities and more labyrinths than ever, an impressive aquatic journey full of dangers and discoveries awaits you!

The game begins when Shantae arrives on a resort island to attend a festival where, by a strange turning point, five half-geniuses are kidnapped during a presentation.

Once again the charm works immediately thanks to a colorful distribution of characters from the Shantae universe. Here, the style is very focused on being Metroidvania with having you traverse back and forth in many ways and it really sets the tone for the whole game. The game map is surprising to say the least, due to its breadth and variety of things to discover and enjoy. The game contains dungeons filled with relatively light puzzles, incredibly fun and well thought out platforms.

During her adventure, Shantae will be entitled to new abilities, she can transform into different creatures to help her in her exploration. Dancing is back too and works to summon spirits of geniuses. A really cool new addition, Monster cards can be collected from slain monsters and give you improvements like increasing the efficiency of certain items – all adding in to an element of strategy.

The presentation is superb, the game is super fluid and ditto in terms of the incredible animations. The game is artistically perfect in addition to being accompanied by a very tasteful soundtrack that has really catchy tunes.

The length of the game is really good, I literally ate the game in nine hours non-stop with around 63% of completion. Obviously, there is still a lot to explore … I would say that the game has a lifespan of a good fifteen hours by taking your time. Which is more than good for the price the developers ask for their games.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens is a Metroidvania that is more than remarkable thanks to its refined gameplay, its humor and of course the incredible visuals of the animated cutscenes! A real tour de force to celebrate the 20 years of this emblematic character who is starting to become a reference in the genre. An almost perfect game that instantly charms!

Shantae And The Seven Sirens is a true masterpiece in the metroidvania genre and one that will charm you the moment you boot it up.


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