Senran Kagura: Peach Ball Review

Senran Kagura is my guilty pleasure. ecchi girls, sexually tinted adolescent remarks, it’s all too obvious, but the main games have a lot of gameplay in addition to these characteristics. With the spin-offs that is sometimes disappointing. Senran Kagura Reflections literally didn’t have much to worry about, but for example Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash is great fun to play. Now you can get a pinball game with the busty girls. Time to hit tilt.

The future of the Senran Kagura franchise is uncertain. Creator Takaki has left Marvelous. That is because of the censorship that Sony PlayStation demands in all published games and therefore also forced Marvelous to censor the senran Kagura franchise heavily. Although he still has a finger in the publishing off Senran Kagura 7even, but we have not seen anything of the game and what is going to be censored away. Fortunately, Marvelous has also become slightly smarter and they leave PlayStation for what it is with Senran Kagura: Peach Ball. This pinball game has only been released on Switch and PC.

Senran Kagura: Peach Ball has a story. Yes yes, a pinball game with a story, it could not get any crazier. The game takes place in an arcade hall where Haruka has a side job when she is not at Hebijo Academy. It is not busy there, so occasionally she is occupied with all kinds of chemistry. At the moment there is a tournament going on and Ryona goes to the toilet and washes her hands. Before she knows it she has turned into a dog and licks the other girls. What seems? Haruka had hidden her last experiment on the toilet and now all the girls have become different animals. You as a player must change them again by putting them in a pinball game and ramming them often enough with a special ball. Okay … As we are used to from Senran Kagura: the dialogues are full of allusions.

The Senran Kagura: Peach Ball fan service does not stop there. The tables and ladies themselves are fairly detailed. It is therefore a shame that there are only two tables. I have looked at the unlockables in the ingame shop, but apart from cosmetic changes such as different backgrounds, balls and music, there is nothing to further pinch your hunger. The first table you play is Peach Land. This funfair has a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, rotating tea cups, everything. It is a nice table, one where all kinds of extras can be unlocked to earn bonus points.

The second table is Spooky Shinobi Park. This has more of a horror theme, but looks a bit too much like Peach Land in terms of design. The big difference is that you can unlock all kinds of mini-games. By aiming properly, you can fill your bags with gold. If a crate is full, you have to hit the ball in time. If you succeed, you will arrive at a mini-game table where you, for example, must hit moving targets before time runs out. With that you earn extra points again.

Senran Kagura: Peach Ball story mode is played in four to five hours. You see the two tables there regularly, only with another main character in the picture. That could get boring quickly, but the game continues to pull. That’s because you can cheat a little by shaking the table. If you use this handy you can earn more points. The Shinobi to be rescued is sitting in the table, and if you hit her breasts, buttocks or anywhere else, you get extra points. If you make a good shot or a strong push against the table to make sure the ball lands behind her, the ball keeps coming against her more often, so extra points.

To play a table and make the shinobi student in question normal again, you have to pay attention to the challenges that are indicated on the right side of the table. These are requests such as “get the ball in the Ferris wheel”, “hit an x ​​number of tea cups”, “get a score of y”. Whatever happens if you get enough: you unlock the Sexy Challenge. Here you come in a tent where moving targets must hit to eventually get the girl into a confronting situation. Example, rubber ducks float in the tent. If you get enough in the given time, a rubber duck will spray the girl in question wet. There are also high hats from which tickling hands come if you do that mini-game well. If you play the Sexy Challenge three times, the spell will be broken and the girl becomes normal again.

There is not much more content in Senran Kagura: Peach Ball. In addition to the story mode, there is a free mode. The same tables, the same girls. In both modes you unlock items and money. With that money you can buy cosmetic adjustments such as clothing, music, backgrounds, etc. in the ingame shop. Of course there is the Dressing Room to fit all those unlocked clothes, to take poses and to take pictures. Because the game did not have to be censored, you can also go a little more intimately a la Senran kagura Reflections.

Senran Kagura: Peach Ball is fun for short sessions. It is therefore a shame that no more content has been created. There are only six girls, but even worse, there are only two tables. The makers have paid a lot of attention to the visuals, but have forgotten that there must also be enough content. For the fans of the franchise, this budget game is definitely recommended if you are looking for a realistic pinball game: let it go.

Senran Kagura: Peach Ball is a great pinball game that has a nice amount of fanservice for the fans of the series, yet it misses the ball when it comes to things to do.

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