Sea King Review

Pirates are very much back in the gaming landscape with Sea of Thieves testing the waters for adventurers and Skull and Bones coming next year. There is still alot more pirate life to find however and if you have a few friends around then developer Interactive Stone has the perfect party game to make you set sail.

Sea King is a full on party game made to play locally with friends or against A.I. if you’re alone. The game features a total of 13 modes and 8 ships to choose from. The eight ships are all very distinct from one another and the cartoony look that the game boasts really shines during play. From a regular marine naval ship to a Chinese or ghost ship, plenty of choice to have before you launch your naval attacks against each other.

While some of the game modes presented are fairly normal like Deathmatch, Capture the flag or Last man standing. Others feel quite unique like Vortex Royale, where a vortex slowly makes the playing field smaller while you are fighting against your opponents. You also have Siren’s Song which is a mode that starts of like a regular Death Match, but once the Siren’s start to sing your ship will be uncontrollably pulled towards each other. And my last favorite was Shark Pong, where are shark hunts your ship until you hit it directly, then he is of towards the next ship and so on.

While the modes offer a nice way to spend the afternoon with your friends, if you happen to be playing alone you can resort to bots filling their spots for you. Now most of you already know that bots can never completely take the spot of a good bunch of friends on the coach, they do a fairly good job of trying their hardest to make you have an enjoyable time.

Sadly however, the A.I. was clearly still in the learning proces of the game. As the ships they use regularly get stuck against rocks, or when you happen to have died fairly soon you often see them circling around the map trying to search for each other and not being able to find the opponent. This makes that buying this game only to play it alone will end you up with quite the boring play sessions now and then.

Sea King truly shines if you have a few good friends to spend an afternoon with. The game features bright and cartoony visuals and a decent enough sound quality to make it all worth playable. But do know that playing all modes a few times you will probably say that you had enough for now. We do recommend playing it in short bursts rather then hours on end due to it having that affect. If you aren’t one for playing multiplayer games or having friends over often to enjoy a good quick game, then you can easily pass this one up.

Sea King is a fun pirate game to enjoy with your friends in small to medium long play sessions. Just don’t expect to be playing this alone for an extended amount of time.


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