Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game Complete Edition

While the gaming world shudders with the arrival of a new generation of consoles, the bitemap genre continues to behave as if progress has stopped somewhere at the junction of 8 and 16 bit consoles. Although Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game is a 2010 game, it looks and plays like it was running on an old Sega Mega Drive that doesn’t spoil it in the least. Since the days of Double Dragon on the NES, rhythmic side-scrolling of colorful punks has remained the easiest and most perky way to while away the evening with friends on one console.

The fate of Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game is a prime example of the imperfect digital distribution of games. The project left the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live in 2014 due to problems with publishing rights, and the disc version did not exist at all. For a long time, fans appealed to Ubisoft with requests to return the perky bitemup of comics cult in the geek environment to virtual counters. By the 10th anniversary of the game, the ice cracked, Scott Pilgrim has reappeared on all relevant platforms, and the publisher is threatening to release the game on physical media in the near future.

By all accounts Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game is a classic representative of the genre. The hero, alone or with an armful of friends, moves mainly from left to right and thrashes aggressive punks. Fists, legs and all the items at hand are used. It should be noted that interactivity is one of the strongest aspects of the game. The streets are literally littered with various utensils: garbage bags, shovels, umbrellas, snowballs, baseball bats, katanas … What can I say, even knocked out opponents can be picked up and thrashed by them on the pressing hooligans! Just by kicking a bucket, you can knock the enemy down with it, but this trick works in the opposite direction. Enemies do not hesitate to pick up everything around and launch the player in the face, even if it promises bruises for their comrades. In the heat of battle, real bedlam occurs: while you are furiously waving a baseball bat surrounded by opponents, your friend launches a huge ice floe into the crowd, which, rolling, knocks down all opponents, you, and, bouncing off the edge of the arena, also returns to the sender in the form of a blow to the ankle. Against this background, I would like to put a separate line to shame the developers of the recent Battletoads, who did not give even a good old stick to wave for the whole game …

Opponents in the best traditions of the genre are strikingly different in battle tactics – someone is thicker than others, someone is more nimble, someone is trained in ninjutsu techniques, someone is in a Godzilla costume, and someone is a dog. The bosses make an extravaganza altogether – a girl with a katana cuts train cars and sends illusions, a big man Tod Ingram first gives us some fun with a couple of his jealous girls (well, how to have fun … fight), then drives us to the level of a murderous electric guitar playing, makes us take part in competition in the manner of Guitar Hero, and then organizes a carnage in the alleyway, wielding tentacles from nowhere.

The combat system is full of various subtleties and hidden mechanics, but all overshadowed by one nuance. The fact is that Ubisoft’s love for pumping and outgoing numbers for some reason has spread here. If you set the difficulty level above the minimum, then you will inevitably face the need to farm coins and fill levels, passing the same missions several times. Coins are spent in local shops for various food and items that improve the performance of the hero. It is impossible to look at the bonuses of an item before buying, so you have to study the assortment by farming, trial, error and farming again. While the hero is naked like a falcon, the movements will be terribly slow, and the damage to ordinary enemies will be such that they will rise again 5-6 after the knockdown. Considering the inexorable growth of the parameters of opponents during the game,

But the most offensive thing is that without pumping the combat system itself will seem meager. Grabs with a throw, running strikes, kicks on prone enemies, parries and many other standard bitemap techniques open gradually. If after passing you decide to try another character, for example, Scott’s girlfriend Ramona, you will again be greeted by the first level, lack of money and the castrated functionality of the hero. Given that the list of moves for all six characters is minimal, this approach is only annoying. If the game had a strict balance with a fully open moveset like in Streets of Rage 4 or leveling with minimal impact on the balance like Double Dragon Neon , hardly anyone would be upset.

Stylistically, the game is impeccably sustained. The drawing quotes almost verbatim from the original comic, adjusted for pixel art. The appearance was worked on by animator and artist Paul Robertson , who had a hand in some episodes of The Simpsons , Gravity Falls , Rick and Morty screensavers , and video games like Fez…. In the story, 23-year-old Canadian freak, gamer and bass player Scott Pilgrim falls in love with a girl Ramona, but in order to win her heart, seven of her exes must be swept aside. The plot is deliberately blockhead, because the stake is more likely on the entourage, humor, the atmosphere of the United States of the 90s and thousands of thousands of references to the entire geek culture, especially everything related to classic video games. In secret levels, we pound cubes with coins from the Super Mario series , bosses are desperately arranging a psychedelic Akira -style , and at one point the developers shoved an exact copy of a huge robot from the first level of Contra Hard Corps . Compositions of the group Anamanaguchiperfectly reinforce the general atmosphere of nostalgic bedlam, however, behind the cool soundtrack, all other sounds are almost indistinguishable. Beats are practically inaudible, and the savory sound of cuffs is the basis of the auditory bliss of any bitemap.

There are only 7 levels in the game, but they turned out to be extremely rich and quite long, each with its own theme and an epic bossfight towards the end. There is no need to entertain any illusions about the “ Complete Edition ” prefix . The updated version did not bring anything new, it only absorbed several modes from the hack DLC, which get bored in a couple of tens of minutes, although they allow you to pump the character faster.

Although such games are much more fun to play in a company behind one screen, the developers did not forget to add an online mode. “Add”, I emphasize, but it is normal to implement … alas, we could not. Not only does the game on the network even on consoles require registration in Ubisoft Connect , and everything works extremely disgusting. Constant crashes in the menu with an error make it almost impossible to pass in this way, therefore the cooperative remains the privilege of violators of quarantine measures.

Returned from oblivion, Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game was and remains a commendable bitemap for the evening. Certain problems with online, balance and inappropriate role-playing component somewhat darken the picture and do not allow it to stand on a par with the excellent Street of Rage 4. But everyone who is hungry for perky cooperative fights should immediately take the game on a pencil.


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