Rune Factory 4 Special

Six years have passed since the release of Rune Factory 4 on our beloved little Nintendo 3DS. The license clearly had an undeniable charm, a clever cross between Harvest Moon and fantasy with a cute little RPG sidestory. Suffice to say that the combo worked immediately but since then… radio silence! Finally not completely, since in this weird year that is 2020, the franchise returns among us with a special Switch edition, as well as the promise of a Rune Factory 5! But before that, let’s stay focused on Rune Factory 4 Special on Switch, let’s take the airship and go on an adventure!

Your adventure begins on board an airship in which you are the protector of a very strange cargo. Alas, soldiers will not let you reach your destination and after a good blow to the head, it is amnesia that awaits you! Obviously, one of the attacking enemies is annoyed by this sudden memory loss and will simply … push you overboard! This is how you will land on the back of a dragon, a mythical creature, he drops you off in a smal town that will welcome you and take care of you. A bedroom is already waiting for you… as well as a small adjoining farmhouse.

A real haven of sweetness and happiness, disturbed … by the arrival of monsters! Between seasonal cultures, confrontations, dungeons, capture of monsters, cooking, fishing and crafts, so much to say that your days will be very busy! Add to this the quest to increase the attractiveness of the city, for your fellow citizens and friends, but also the search for the love of your life, and we get an action-oriented life simulation game of the most complete form! Two additions have also been made for this special version: a first is unlocked once your married, where character history is offerered to you with new cutscenes and stories related to your little couple, while the second offers additional episodes that will help increase the length of the game.

Exit the double screen of the 3DS for this Switch version but we reassure you: it does not disturb the game experience at all since the map comes and goes according to our needs, superimposed on the game screen. The gameplay has, for its part, kept its mechanics, proving that the new console of the Big N is totally adapted to this kind of adventure. The interface is very readable, you can walk around with ease, without losing your bearings for those who have traveled long hours during the original version of the software.

We are also dealing with a nice facelift, adapted to the support and for once it is a real breeze of freshness that falls on Rune Factory 4! Bright colors, bright atmospheres, carefully smoothed pixels, it is a real pleasure to immerse yourself in the adventure without having our small hearts hurt to see time pass so quickly. In portable and docked on our TV, the journey proceeds without problem: no lag, no bugs, it’s beautiful, it’s fresh, we like that the aesthetic is also a little different then what most games of this genre have in mind..

A port of a 3DS game can easily falter inbetween all these big and small releases on the eShop. But Marvelous and Neverland have succeeded in bringing another great game to the Switch that will help you get through these weird times here on Earth and will definitely give you well worth the gameplay time for your hard earned money. Whether you want to do some farming, go hunting or find the love of your life. Rune Factory 4 has it all in store for you.

Rune Factory 4 Special is a return to form for the series and a great game to spend your time with.


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