Rumor: Cadence of Hyrule coming May 30th

Cadence of Hyrule was a surprise announcement during the Nindies Direct back in March and it was supposed to launch this Spring. Seeing that Summer starts June 21st, there is not much time left for an announcement of a release date. But now dataminers have discovered an update in the background of the eShop, discovering a possible release date.

Just a few hours ago, dataminers noticed that the Switch eShop metadata for Cadence of Hyrule had been updated. That update included a date of May 30th, 2019. That obviously has lead dataminers to believe that May 30th will be launch day for the title.  This would perfectly be possible, as May 30th is a thursday and that is the exact day that Nintendo updates its eShop listings.

Do you hope that Cadence of Hyrule is coming this week? Have a look at the announcement trailer again below.


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