RiMS racing

The loud spinning of the engine, the real rumble that can be heard over long distances, and the wind in your hair. It all sounds wonderful. Free riding around the city and country on a motorcycle can offer similar feelings. But who among us will get as a rider for real races on world-famous circuits? Who gets their hands on extraordinarily powerful machines? There are still video games and developers who can give it to us. The small RaceWard development studio attempts an even deeper experience, where you get to know every part of the bike intimately, all fully licensed.

The MotoGP and Ride series are proven and successful in many ways, so motorcycle enthusiasts can be satisfied. What can differentiate the competition is questionable. In the title of RiMS Racing, the developers put their heads together and approached a very realistic experience. So for a deeper and more realistic feeling, they focused on just eight machines. They take a lot of detail and leave nothing to chance. The problem is that it’s cumbersome to control. It is a good experience for motorcycle fans and I personally think that a lot of players will focus on only one part for a long time. It is instructive to know every detail, solve the shape of the rubber, but also other options.

Riding on the track is also not just like that. In normal mode, you deal with the condition of the machine, petrol and the emphasis is mainly on overall realism. So those who decide to take part in the championship will have to complete the race. For example, all seven circuits. And if you break down at the beginning and lose your opponents, you probably won’t catch them. You have simply lost important seconds. Also, if you add gas at the start, or, even if you misunderstand, you shorten the track over the edge and the like. I appreciate that every time you cross the curb, it is re-evaluated by the virtual referee and if it does not give you an advantage, you will not be penalized.

There aren’t many tracks either, but they can be bought if necessary. Basically, you ride on routes from different parts of the world – you will visit Australia, Norway, Japan, not to mention America. You can also choose reverse lines. But that’s all. You don’t have to worry about the hours spent in the game. It is possible to spend one evening in one race with opponents. The championship is long and the career is too detailed. The parts on the motorcycle are wearing out and it costs something. Winning is challenging even if you use a gamepad.

I consider an optional game to be much more interesting for an ordinary player, where you take the circuit according to yourself and focus purely on racing and the joy of driving. But it is also insufficient due to weaker graphics processing and, thanks to the complexity and weaker animations, also less fun than the competition like Moto GP. RiMS Racing thus loses points on several fields. You probably won’t find a better driving model anywhere, but various disturbing elements and a weaker attention to detail detract from the overall quality. So perfect relaxation is not and for a relaxing ride you have to visit elsewhere.

Points can also be deducted for artificial intelligence, which makes a mistake here and there, but only because it has to be done. Otherwise, like a herd, it goes ahead of its learned trail and that’s it. Don’t expect any miracles, you will rather race for yourself, while you firmly hope that you will never fail. Overall, it’s pretty tiring and it takes too long to get into the game. Sure, it’s a simulator, but there have been developers who have proven that even a realistic simulator can be fun. 

I have already started the technical processing – it is average. Disturbing elements here and there, weaker animations, but the overall feeling is good. He won’t offend, but he won’t convince. At least the signs of weather on the track are nice, the rain, after which there are shiny roads, reflections – that’s great. At the same time, the track is more slippery and even more challenging. The sounds are better and the overall audio experience with a quality set can evoke an authentic feeling from the championship.

RiMS Racing seems like a weaker attempt in the overall picture, but I remind you that it is still a good title for fans of motorcycles and realism. You will hardly find technical details and so many options somewhere. In this respect, the developers really won here. The design of the tracks is great also because there are fewer of them and I can say that each one is unique. Objectively, it is an above-average title, but it is not for everyone. 

RiMS Racing does not score with its visuals, nor is it for those who expect an arcade relaxation ride. It is primarily a game for technical enthusiasts who appreciate the pursuit of authenticity – just a pity about the control and getting lost in the complicated menu. In the final, another fact strikes. A game with a relatively high price set does not provide that much, but at the same time it already offers paid extended content. Why didn’t the developers directly add it to the base game?

Visually not the best and definitely not for arcade racing fans. RiMS Racing is a decent game for those enthusiasts among us, but lacks a bit compared to the competition.


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