Rack n Ruin

Rack n ‘Ruin is an action adventure game where you control the demon wizard Rack. Rack has a particular preference for chaos and destruction, using his special skills. Can the little devil win our hearts or destroy every charming aspect of the game? You read it in the Rack n Ruin review!

Rack uses his magical powers to destroy worlds, but ends up in trouble with the demonic supreme devil. The terrible leader wants slaves instead of destroyed worlds. Rack clearly has not received the memo and will be punished and sent to a separate world.

Rack is the character that you could see in many films. The little devil thinks he is better than he really is and makes big mistakes like destroying worlds. He is sent to a planet to be conquered for punishment, but soon Rack finds out that the planet is a place many other demons have been sent to because they have failed just like him.

Despite the failure, Rack is not easily dismayed, he decides to tackle the world and conquer it. With his funny comments and big ego, it’s time to explore different dungeons, explore places, solve puzzles and find objects, then destroy gigantic bosses and enemies. Sounds like a familiar concept with a new look.

It is not surprising that it seems familiar, the overhead camera position reminds us of the earlier Zelda games that brought many hours of fun. Unlike the old school games, Rack n ‘Ruin does not have an 8-bit look, but the colors are bright and beautiful. From the various dialogues to painted cartoonish graphics, Rack N Ruin combines this beautifully.

A striking concept is the tutorial painted on the world by means of keybindings. This can easily be overlooked, but it does have a nice concept. Incidentally, the environment, unlike the graphics, is not well designed. Simple paths are lined with a few rocks and it lacks some creative design that could have been nicely solved with the beautiful artistic graphics.

The tutorial and simple roads provide a clear route in the beginning that are later missing in the open world. It’s up to Rack to explore dungeons and learn new skills to defeat bigger enemies and pick up their souls. Ultimately, at a holy monument / object, the anti-hero can sacrifice souls to invoke new strong enemies and transform the environment into a drab brown-red style.

Ultimately, the aim is to transform all environments into this drab setting to conquer the world. The combat system works well with this and also brings challenges. For example, the bosses in dungeons are challenging and the attacks fly around your ears. With the skills that Rack learns, every situation can be solved in a different way.

Enemies can be attacked in different ways, but it remains a concept in which enemies are circled around and then use the same attack and a certain item each time. It is important to be well prepared with many items and the player will experience that the fighting gets easier as you get stronger. This is vital in the game as the checkpoints are far apart.

Because there are so few checkpoints, it is frustrating to die and have to defeat the same enemies again and again. In addition, all previously solved puzzles must be fulfilled again. Just like the route that is outlined, you follow a simple route. There is little freedom and the rewards you get for it aren’t exactly spectacular.

Rack n ‘Ruin is a fun simple game where the music is pleasant and the graphics are especially striking. The old school Zelda games seem to have been given a new look, taking on the role of a bad guy instead of the hero. It’s a pleasant change, but the game has a number of beauty issues that can be easily resolved.

The design used to indicate paths is simple, but the checkpoint options are not perfect. The anti-hero Rack partly makes up for this with his jokes and skills. But sadly the skills aren’t truly special and it would have been fun to see a few more explosions of planets.

Rack n’ Ruin is a fun action adventure that sadly lacks a bit of depth to the gameplay.


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