Q-YO Blaster Review

Q-YO Blaster is a horizontal Shoot’Em Up with particular characters, strange enemies, bullets or should I say alot of bullets, many explosions … and oh yes … even more bullets. Enter the miniature world to stop the threat created by Team Robot Black Hat.

You will start by choosing a character, a mouse with a jet pack, a pseudo dirty guinea pig or even a decapitated dog’s head. You can also choose quite a varied weapon set. The goal of the game is to cross each level, including the bosses at the end. A total of ten levels with weirdly animated and varied backgrounds await you in your run to victory.

A local split-screen co-op mode also allows you to give the title an extra spin of life. With two players, the fun is even more present, due to some rather grotesque aspects in the game. The story can be easily ignored, because in the end these games are rarely known for their narrative aspects. The artistic style is a good pixel art style with a bit of a quirky attitude, but it is clearly wanted and it gives it a certain charm that totally works for me.

The gameplay side of the game is very stable, except at times when the screen is literally buried with tugs or enemies, but never at points where it becomes unpleasant. The game can be quite hard, but nothing too difficult either – this isn’t Cuphead by any means. The biggest problem of the game probably lies in its lifetime, but with the Coop mode and for less than $/€ 5 it’s far from a huge problem.

Q-YO Blaster is a great little game without much pretension that manages to amuse and even make you laugh. The game is filled with inventive enemies and boss battles crafted with great care. For the price-quality, I believe that any fan of the genre should play this game.

A wacky shoot’em-up with some great moments and a fun co-op. Q-YO Blaster delivers a solid experience for a low price.


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