Puzzle Quest: The Legends Returns Review

In recent years developers seem to have struck a time where it became harder then ever to be innovative or not fall in repeat of games that were already released years ago. To counter that blockade they found the perfect sollution, re-release the most loved game series one by one and make fans fall in love with nostalgia and get a completely new fanbase with it. Puzzle Quest is the latest in those re-releases to be coming over and boy was this a classic!

Fans of both RPG and puzzle games will no doubt remember Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. In the PSP and Nintendo DS era this game managed to get a lot of attention and now the game is making a comeback in the form of a remaster for the Nintendo Switch. This remaster, entitled The Legend Returns, is a revision of Challenge of Warlords, along with the extension Revenge of the Plague Lord. There is also a lot of extra content in the form of new quests (about 100), new skills, new classes (5: blood mage, priest, monk, paladin and elementalist) and items. This addition is named ‘Attack of the Golem Lord’.

The structure of a Puzzle Quest game is fairly simple: fights take place in a match-3 fight and beyond that there is an imaginative story with the necessary quests present. Matching 3 or more tiles gives you as a player the necessary mana to unleash skills and magic spells on the enemy. Obviously the opponent can do just the same, so there is a lot of thought and puzzle work involved. The level of difficulty is determined based on the classes you choose. For example, a Blood Mage will give a very high degree of difficulty, while a Paladin will keep it all very easy.

Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns certainly does not reinvent the wheel, but in all regards that is not necessary (on the contrary, in the year 2019 it is even very pleasant to see a puzzle game without micro transactions, time and staminameters, …). The game is still a very entertaining combination of role play and puzzle game. With a lot of new content, fans of the series will be delighted and satisfied, while for newcomers a very extensive adventure of 40+ hours awaits.

Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns is a breath of fresh air in an age of micro transactions and time based puzzle games. The perfect RPG and puzzle games for fans and newcomers alike.


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