Cotton Reboot coming to Switch

The classic Shoot’em-up game Cotton Reboot is getting an enhanced version for the Nintendo Switch, developer Beep has announced. Cotton Reboot will come to multiple platforms next to the Switch. Cotton Reboot is based on the X68000 version of Cotton. That release was an enhanced version of the arcade original while also adding an “Arrange […]


Evil Defenders review

When you think of the Tower Defense genre you usually think of building structures or units to fend of the evil forces that want to destroy your land or civilization. You do not often see things in reverse and that is why Evil Defenders has a nice ring to it when you know that you […]


Octogeddon review

Sometimes you look at games and you think “Man, they must be crazy making that into a game”. Yet more often then not, those crazy ideas do tend to sell and be very fun. Look at Plants vs. Zombies for example, a crazy man sells you seeds to create plants who shoot at incoming zombies. […]