Otome visual novel collection Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby coming to Switch

Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby, an Otome visual novel collection, is coming to Japanese Switch owners on August 29. The Brothers Conflict games originally released on the PSP, after which they came to PS Vita.

Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby includes both the May 2012-released Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink and September 2013-released Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue, which were originally released for PSP. The collection was first released for PS Vita in April 2016. Below is an overview of the PS Vita collection.

After her father remarried, the protagonist adopts the new surname “Asahina” and moves into an apartment complex with her new band of brothers. However, the protagonist coming into what was once a men-only household causes some discord in the previously peaceful home.

The brothers, who eventually develop feelings for the protagonist, become rivals…

This is the start of a taboo brothers love story that occurs under the same roof. How will it turn out in the end…?


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