One Finger Death Punch 2

Do you remember when you were young, at school and totally bored? Did you also make up fighting scenes with your pencils, crayons or even made up stick men? Well then it’s time to relive your childhood as one Finger Death Punch just arrived on the switch, bringing the insane two-button action title to Nintendo’s handheld console.

Usually the greatest videogame masterpieces are the result of the union between an interesting story and a gameplay worthy of the name. When for reasons of artistic choice (or budget) one of the two is missing, it becomes mandatory to focus on the perfection of the other. And for an action title based on the use of only two buttons, this aspect becomes even more decisive. One Finger Death Punch 2 succeeds so well to be addictive, with a leap in quality compared to the first game worthy of a number two behind the name.

The inspiration for the title comes from various martial arts films. In addition to the historical ones by Bruce Lee, one scene in particular seems to have inspired everything, namely the final one from The One (2001) . A vigorous Jet Li , trapped in solitary on top of a prison, KO’s one after another a large amount of enemies coming from all directions. Our stickman, slightly customizable (new compared to the first chapter), will have it even worse, despite having “only” two directions to keep an eye on.

In each level there is a different number of enemies to face, but there are still hundreds of them. Provided you are not defeated, the duration of a single, classic stage is quite limited. To help prepare yourself for an onslaught of stickmen coming your way you are guided through small levels that act as a tutorial so you know what to expect once the game sets you loose in the war.

The amount of weapons, modes, levels, types and number of enemies to face is very high. OFDP2 has quite some detail to the levels and especially in the animation department. Even on an audio level, with an amazing and fitting soundtrack as well as satisfying sounds such as the clanging of blows, the vibrating of the blows and so on. OFDP2 is yet another demonstration of the fact that photorealistic graphics and stratospheric budgets are not required to create an immersive gaming experience.

The difficulty in the game is pritty gradual where the enemies slowly become faster and faster until they finally can get you. The survival mode is the perfect way to see how long you can keep up with the incoming attacks. Yet in the regular levels the speed will slowly drop if you see the game over screen a little to often.

As fans will know, kung fu isn’t just about hand-to-hand combat with kicks and punches. In OFDP 2 there is no shortage of traditional weapons including nunchucks, tonfa and swords and sticks of various types. In addition to giving an animated show, these weapons will allow us to obtain a greater range to attack incoming enemies. As the saying goes, it goes to combine business with pleasure, while not missing substantial doses of irony. Including stickmen armed with brooms or furnishings, which is just plain fun to see.

In addition to the “campaign”, with hundreds of different levels to face, there are also different types of survival. Apart from the classic one, there is no shortage of different ways to increase the difficulty, such as blind survival, where the enemies will lack the indications when they will be attacking. It orders people to learn the movements of the opponents in order to survive for a decent amount of time. Giving you another reason to keep on playing this already great game.

One Finger Death Punch 2 is a great sequel to a game that has been in our fantasies since our childhood.


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