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Omega Labyrinth Life has seen a shaky ride so far, with at first the fans being scared that the game might not release in the West just like its predecessor and Sony being difficult in the amount of nudity shown in the title. thankfully, the game has now appeared in the West for Nintendo Switch. A heavily modified version called Labyrinth Life has also been released for PlayStation 4. But was the wait worth it? We looked at the Nintendo Switch version to tell you all about the actual content of the non-cut game.

In Omega Labyrinth Life you follow the events that take place at the Belles Fleurs Academy. This school is known for its huge flower garden, whose flowers never wither thanks to the special flora flower in the middle of the garden. Actually no outsiders are allowed to study at this school, but you, the main protagonist Hinata, is the first outsider to enter the school.

Right at the moment when Hinata enters the school, everything around her is suddenly distorted and she is trapped in a kind of labyrinth. She suddenly hears a voice telling her that she must come to the end of the maze to escape. On the way there, she encounters dangerous monsters, but also finds weapons to fight back against the forces trying to stop her.

After escaping, she meets her classmates and the Headmistress. However, when suddenly all flowers wither in the garden, the suspicion quickly falls on the recently arrived at school Hinata as the culprit. To cleanse her name, she joins forces with her new girlfriend Berune to get into the Omega Labyrinths. There they want to find out what really happened to the garden.

You wouldn’t expect it, but Omega Labyrinth Life is a Roguelike dungeon crawler. This means that the dungeons are always random and you always start at level 1 when entering a maze. The items and equipment that you find, however, you always keep after the completion of a dungeon to be better equipped in the coming adventures. With Skill Bloom, there’s another feature to keep your characters improving, but more on that later.

In the dungeons you are always traveling together. in addition to Berune, you unlock other girls, who all have different skills and roles. Hinata is more of a character whose skills cause damage, while Yurika, a “Big Sister” character, works as a backer. In order to be truly durable, attack weapons, shields, and underwear must be found to make the girls stronger. Yes, you read that correctly: underwear. Armor and so on are so boring, which is why you often find new bras and panties that reinforce your fighters.

As already mentioned, the dungeons are always randomized, so you can always expect a new layout. Every move counts as one action, and your enemies move only when you have performed an action. Of course, this also applies to your CPU-controlled competitors. Most fights you complete by normal attacks on your enemies. Sometimes, however, a more tactical approach is needed, for which you gain the necessary skills later on.

There are magic books at your disposal which, for example, reveal the complete map of the current layer or do huge damage to all enemies in your environment. But some books can also protect your equipment, as traps and abilities of enemies can make them worse or even cursed.

But that does not end the magic in Omega Labyrinth Life, because you also find numerous wands. These offer various effects like the ability to reduce the enemy’s defense or confuse them. While you can use the books only once, wands can be used multiple times. Last but not least, there are potions that are mostly meant for your characters and can improve or heal your status points. In addition, your fighters must eat regularly so that the hunger indicator remains filled. So far everything sounds like a normal dungeon crawler. So why was the predecessor never published in this country? Let’s talk about the special aspects of Omega Labyrinth Life!

Boobie power!

Of course, when you defeat enemies, you gain experience points to level up and get better scores for the time you are in the dungeon. But you also get Omega Power. The Omega Power is an important part of the story and thus in the gameplay. However, the Omega Power is not just packed in any container, but must be stored in a certain place: in the breasts of the protagonists. This means that the more Omega Power you get, the bigger the breasts of the character you are controlling. This not only has the effect that the breast bursts out of the girls’ shirt at some point, but with each increase in the size of the cup grow the status of the fighter.

Another feature that includes the girls’ stem is “Size Up”. This is for detecting objects whose values ​​and function are unknown. Usually in other games, just one item is used and you know what the item is doing. Not in Omega Labyrinth Life. To bring the item to its true power, it must be filled with Omega Power. You remember, this is stored in the breasts of the characters. So, of course, the object is placed between them and you have to move the breasts up and down using the Nintendo Switch touchscreen or your analog sticks until the object, in the shape of a stick, has grown completely. However, since this is quite time consuming in the long run, you can skip the process without any problems.

However, this does not stop the use of the breasts, because in the dungeons you have to play Tit-For-Tat in various situations. This is scissors-stone-paper, which is played with breasts. In order to play Tit-For-Tat, a TFT pedal must be found in the dungeon. This is either used when your HP goes to zero to play on whether you can keep your items or lose them. The other mission takes place at the end of a dungeon, where you can significantly increase your Omega Power and flower seeds collected in the dungeon. Little hint: Just before the end of the round, you’ll already see the other player’s selection and so, if you’re fast, you can adjust your selection and win.

The flower seeds that you collect can then be planted in the flower garden at school. Then you have to pour them of course and harvest after some in-game time. This will not only bring you new seeds and flower items needed to synthesize equipment. As a reward for working in the garden, you also get nectar, which can be used for Skill Bloom and is therefore very important for the leveling up of your characters.

The further you progress in the story, the more features you unlock for the garden. This includes faster editing of the fields and changing the look and layout of the garden sections. You will also find the opportunity to change the decorative objects in the garden. These are sorted into different subject areas. For example, I always kept my garden in Halloween design. If you keep the themes consistent, this also gives small bonuses to the flowers that you can harvest.

Let’s get to the Skill Bloom. For this you need nectar and gradually release up to four different scenarios per character, which then improve different status values ​​and abilities. If you start one of the three selectable courses of a scenario, the event starts with a seductive drawing of the respective protagonist. There you will need to touch certain points marked with hearts and flowers using the Nintendo Switch touchscreen or buttons.

The more you touch the points, the bigger the flower becomes, until it turns into a complete flower and the drawing changes to a much more permissive version of the action. But your work is not done yet, just tap as quickly as possible on the screen to collect as many experience points as possible, which then increases the level of the scenario and thus the character’s value and skill. In addition, after the climax of the protagonist, you will additionally collect a liquid that you can use to water the flowers. You could actually skip all this weirdness, but then you receive less skill points and nobody wants that right?

On the campus of the school as well as in the dungeons you will find baths in which your fighters can relax. You will receive various status bonuses and effects, such as a complete immunity to the numerous and very annoying traps in the dungeons. The picture you see when a character enters the bathroom actually represents the girl’s actual cup size in the labyrinths. It’s all in the details people, details!

A few to many details laying around are the traps, there are traps everywhere and you often step on them accidentally. There are means to spot them or remove them, you could even attack the spot in front of you with each step to find one, but who really does that? Traps can just be really annoying, like one that scatters your equipment on the ground and you have to pick everything up and rebuild everything, which is just made to annoy people.

Graphically speaking, it’s sadly not really the best looking game. In the dungeons and at school, you’re in a simple chibi style that’s cute, but graphically very poor. The girls’ drawings are very detailed and pretty, but that does not help with the rather poor graphics quality of the game in general. What’s particularly frightening is using the school’s overall view and scrolling across the gardens, and then the game even comes to a standstill. Too bad.

The soundtrack in Omega Labyrinth Life is quickly forgotten, but the character songs are a highlight. In the dungeons, you can find microphones that will give you a boost and activate a special song, depending on the selected character. The Japanese language version can be very good, the speakers give their emotions a lot of effort and bring over the characters perfectly well.

Behind all the suggestive content in Omega Labyrinth Life is a dungeon crawler that’s actually quite passable, even though I’m not a big fan of the numerous traps. By starting each dungeon at level 1, you can not necessarily grind your characters to the limit and flatten all the stages that come up. This means that every dungeon must be explored with some caution. Only the price is quite heavy in terms of overall technical quality, even though the game does provide some hours of play. The overal quality of the game could have been a bit higher for a full priced title like this. The game can be quite cute and the dungeon crawling is enjoyable but mostly it’s perfect for people who enjoy some enormous breasts.

Omega Labyrinth Life is a good dungeon crawler for fans who like some suggestive content, but it does come with a few to many traps in the dungeons.


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