Octogeddon review

Sometimes you look at games and you think “Man, they must be crazy making that into a game”. Yet more often then not, those crazy ideas do tend to sell and be very fun. Look at Plants vs. Zombies for example, a crazy man sells you seeds to create plants who shoot at incoming zombies. Now some of those same developers are back with a brand new and twisted game where you play with the limbs of an octopus and oh boy, crazy wins again.

When you first boot up the game it all feels amazingly basic and down to Earth. You are an angry octopus who wants to take revenge on the humans who cut off your tentacles to eat them. Offcourse you can’t do much without your tentacles and on your way to New York City you take up anything you can find along the way to replace your limbs and man does the game get exciting then.

In general Octogeddon plays like a shoot’em-up where you must place all kinds of weapons on your body, usually limbs from other fish and sometimes waste from humans. These protect yourself from incoming dangers like wild fish who want to kill you to incoming helicopters or cars once you reach the main land.

Placing the weapons on specific spots is truly crucial in the game, most limbs you get are short range, so installing a few shooting weapons around you or a freeze ray truly helps with incoming projectiles. The game is also a rogue-like where you die, you have to start all over. But once in a while you can buy permanent upgrades for your octopus to get further and further into the game and make those humans pay for what they did.

The game takes about an hour to beat, if you atleast get that far before seeing the game over screen. You do get a checkpoint where you can start from as long as you still have some lives remaining, but don’t think of thise as an easy game as most rogue-likes tend to be more frustratingly hard. I did have alot of fun however and often did a ‘one more run’ after I died. Because experimenting with weapon placement and taking your own pace makes you want to play this again and again.

The core underwater and above-ground sections feel very different; the former allows you to use all of your arsenal while floating, and the latter squishes some of your tools while rolling around. It’s genius, as it forces you to rely on the big picture for your setup and not front-load a few weapons. Once you beat the final boss you’ve actually beaten the game, but then you still have a hard and endless mode that are available to you.

The game looks pretty basic in visuals, but you don’t buy this game for the visuals and audio. You buy it because you want to see a chicken head on an octopus shooting egg bombs at the enemy or a snake shooting venom or bee homing missiles or.. well you get the point the game is absurd but fun and that is the main reason why you should pick this up because it is an enjoyable rogue-like shoot’em up that spells every letter of the word crazy as you play.

Octogeddon is a genuinely fun rogue-like shoot’em up that has just the right amount of crazy to keep you hooked and try out all the different weapons setups and limb combinations you can think of.


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