Nyan Cat: Lost in Space

Nyan Cat: Lost in Space has been removed from the eShop for now, we will let you all know when it gets back up (hopefully with a lower price point).

What do you think if you hear “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya …”? It is of course the “Nyan Cat”! For those who would not know it, the Nyan Cat is the illustration of the paradox between two sayings: the cat which always falls on its legs and the slice of jam which always falls on the side … of jam! Since 2009, isTom Games has been releasing Nyan Cat games on several mobile platforms and tablets, and now the game has come over to the Nintendo Switch!

As soon as you start the game, the famous and no less “catchy” music of the “Nyan Cat” appears. At first it may seem fun or even delusional but as you play, it will become very annoying! The solution? It is possible (fortunately!) To lower the volume of the music and the sound effects. So you can play by adding your own music because, you will quickly realize, the stages can last relatively long. Here is how the game goes. So here you are in the shoes of the sandwich cat leaving behind a magnificent rainbow in the same genre as “Robot Unicorn Attack”, your one and only objective being to get the highest score by collecting the bottles of milk as well as the many treats revolving around you. To do this, you will be entitled to small jumps which will allow you to move from platform to platform. This may seem easy at first but it is not because, as you progress, you will have to avoid the enemies that pollute the atmosphere while trying to stay high enough not to fall!

Let’s dwell more on the gameplay. The game is intuitive and it does not require great skill to anticipate the jumps over the waffle cats called “Tac Nayn” (which can be seen to be the evil form of “Nyan Cat ”), flying saucers or dogs. The more you progress in the game, the more difficult it will be for you to stay on the lowest floor. Indeed, the platforms will be more widely spaced or will hide under your feet! It is therefore up to you to find the ideal height in order to continue in the game. The trick is to accumulate a maximum of bottles of milk – these serving as point multipliers – and to calculate your shot well in order to apprehend the approach of your enemies. Please note, the bottles of milk accumulate but if in a period of time greater than 10 seconds you have not managed to collect an additional one, your stock drops to zero! You will therefore have to play with different items such as the “Bubblenyan” allowing you to jump indefinitely for a short period, the “Magnetnyan”, a magnet that attracts bottles of milk and treats within a defined radius, the “Rocketnyan »Propelling you with a rocket or the“ Supernyan ”endowing you with a red sock and the levitation power of Superman! Let’s not forget the 3 colored gems (white, red and green) which will give you a 45 second bonus such as invulnerability.

To overcome this repetitiveness, the game developers are giving us some free updates. You can take advantage of new items such as the “Gold Nyan” which change the nature of the orange platforms to golden platforms to give you bonus points every time you walk on it. There are also cows that bring in the equivalent of 25 bottles of milk. These can be labeled in three different colors and by combining 3 bottles of the same color, you earn items. For example: if you collect 3 green bottles in a row, you will get an “Invulnerable” gem. With this, you will no longer have to worry about dodging enemies who cross your path! In addition, before each round you have the choice to play with the “Nyan Cat” or with the “Tac Nayn”. If you choose the latter, the horizontal scrolling will be done from right to left. 

In the end the game can be quite fun and even addicting to keep on collecting milk bottles and trying to chain gems and other power-ups so you can keep on going. And although the graphics and sound aren’t the greatest (the sound is even annoying), the biggest downfall for Nyan Cat: Lost in Space on Switch is its high price point at $/€ 9.99. Although the game does feature 10 comics, leaderboards and several new skins, the price does seem to sting a bit. Let’s hope that goes on sale faster then you can say “Nyan”.

Nyan Cat: Lost in Space is as addictive as ever, sadly the asking price is currently to high for what you get.


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