Nintendo LABO 4.0 VR Kit Announced

While 2018 was a slow year for the Nintendo Switch in the first half, with most games being remasters of Wii U titles. The Japanese publisher made the entire industry look at the Switch for one very particular game, namely the Nintendo LABO series that was introduced in april of last year. The concept was unique and clearly made by “The Nintendo way” of things. Allthough LABO never really broke sales records, Nintendo still kept

the series going and lauched the Toy Con Vehicle Kit in september of 2018. Now, one year after its initial reveal, Nintendo is back with a brand new installment of LABO. Trying to reach us again with there left-over cardboard that they have in laying around. This time however they will be taking there chances in the world of VR with Nintendo LABO 4.0 VR Kit, which is coming one year after the first installment arrived on april 12th.

Just like last years Variety Kit, the VR Kit comes with a bunch of smaller games and cardboard models to make, play and discover. Also just like last year, the pricing on this complete package isn’t one to write off. With a suggested retail price of $(€)79.99, you’ll have to pay a hefty price if you want the complete set. And while VR isn’t a very cheap gimmick, all the hardware and technology is already onboard the Switch.

Now the exact games have yet to be shown off and even a trailer has yet to be released, from the boxart we can already see some hints on what the games might all be. We can see a ray gun, making the game behind it fairly obvious, there is a camera, a bird with some windmaker pedal, some device to look in space and … an elephant…?

Most VR glasses that we know of up to now have headstraps so that the VR is nicely tucked on your head, with the VR Kit however, you just have to place the glasses up to your face while holding it continuously. The reasoning why is that the LABO VR Kit is meant as an introduction for both kids and family in to the world of VR and that the games might have modes that let you pass on the VR as a way to introduce VR mini-games.

For us gamers this might not really seem all that special, but VR is still a method of play that most people never has set their eyes on yet. So it is a neat little way to introduce the larger audience to a whole new experience. Nintendo has also made smaller, cheaper packages if you don’t want to buy the whole package from the beginning. You can also buy the VR goggles and the ray gun in a starter pack and later on choose to buy the other cardboard add-ons seperately. The VR goggles and ray gun cost $(€)39.99. Wich is a better price point for people to try out LABO for the first time.

While VR certainly isn’t new for Nintendo (remember the Virtual Boy?). It’s nice to see their renewed interest in this other dimension of gaming. Immediately after the announcement fans talked about the possibilities what VR could do for Nintendo and what games might come out of all this. A Pokémon Snap VR or a Wario Ware VR are just some of the ideas fans had and that they gladly shared with Nintendo.

We don’t know what this will do for the Switch in the long-term but we will review these pieces of VR cardboard once we get a copy by Nintendo. And hopefully, just maybe… we will one day find our VR dreams come true that we all share.

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