Nintendo Belgium won’t release mobile Mario games due to loot boxes

We all love Nintendo games, but we dislike loot boxes. This also goes for the government of Belgium, who have in the past been fairly strict when it comes to loot boxes in games. EA and Blizzard are just some of the companies already removing the access to buy loot boxes in FIFA and Overwatch.

Now Nintendo also needs to look at their current and upcoming games if they need to be adjusted or flat out not release over here. Both Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes will not be playable anymore come August 27. It doesn’t end there either, as a Belgian source now claims that future games of Dr. Mario and Mario Kart Tour also won’t get released in Belgium.

Hopefully Nintendo will work things out to change their games and republish the games on a later date. Our thoughts are with the thousands of Belgian players who are left out in the cold for now.

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